Coron, Palawan: “Town & Country”

Coron is the center of economic and tourist activity in the area of Busuanga, Palawan. It serves as the sail off place for island hopping throughout the rest of the Calamian group of Islands. The view from nearby Mount Tapyas gives you the over all perspective of the town, one can clearly see the nearby islands, hillside roads, boats and ships on the horizon and the people living their simple life in a wonderful setting nobody could asked for more and we, big city dwellers could only envy and save up to experience for a few days in between our daily grind as career oportunist trapped in the big corporate set-up. Somehow, there’s this appreciation for the people living in Coron especially those who knows the importance of living in such a beautiful place.

palawan 476-476
palawan 481-481

Going to Mt. Tapyas requires climbing more than 750 steps, a good 15 minute workout but definitely worth it once you get to the top and the best time to climb is either near the time of sunrise and sunset. Atop can be found a tall cross as well, it lit up the sky during night time.

palawan 513-513

Coron is a 2nd class municipality, the scenes here are just like the same as other places, the market is located beside the main port and a stone throw away from a proposed boulevard that is currently being reclaimed.

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We stayed at a lodge called L&M PE, it is located near the market, nothing fancy, just about the right place where all you’ll do is to take a quick shower, sleep then head out again for more island hopping and souvenir items hunting.

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These are the kids working at the kasoy factory, where they take out the kasoy fruit from its shell. Our guide told us these kids belongs to the “Tagbanua tribe”. We went to Coron a week earlier as it would be the town fiesta this coming weekend, but still the preparation for that event is already visible everywhere, street parades are being practiced already all over the town.

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Coron town, just like other municipalities around the Philippines represents the very best of Pinoy living, rich in culture in traditions, simple lifestyle, friendliness of the people makes every visitors feel welcome and wanting to come back. The thing that differentiates Coron town with some is maybe its scenic location, the hub of island exploration, knowing that paradise is just a short boat ride away. That is if you still don’t find Coron town as such.