Malcapuya Island: Coron, Palawan

During our second day of island hopping in Coron, we went to Malcapuya Island about an hour and a half away from the port located near Coron market. We arrived there at about 10:00 AM enough to spend most of the day walking around the island which also has a viewing deck at the almost 50 feet hill wherein you’ll see the surrounding view from the island.

We briefly rested, while looking further towards the sea, it was the kind of place where one does not need the right set of eyes to easily see the beauty of our country. While the view from Malcapuya island only represent a part of the Philippines.

I know that this kind of place exists all over our archipelago, which in turn lights up my desire to do further travelling in the near future. But right there, I was thinking, while at Malcapuya, I’ve nothing else to worry but enjoy our stay there.

The place was inhabited by caretakers as I understand that it is a private island owned by some lucky bastard. If I win myself a huge lottery jackpot, I'd be buying myself my own island as well. 

How I wish we could set up camp and spend overnight in the place. I just made do with practicing my underwater swimming, using the snorkling gear I was able to see every shells, sand dunes below the crystal clear waters, I then wore my lifevest and I was able to see more corals further down the sea.

I can’t say anything bad about the place really, except maybe it has no wi-fi internet haha. Everything are just perfect.

Who said something about coming back to this place? I guess that would be me. As I write this back in the real world, the big city, traffic, going to work 5 days a week, the normal problems that I encounter every day, I am glad that knowing that in the near future I’d reward myself with something like an experience in this kind of place, nothing inspires me more.

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