Top Tips for Keeping Healthy While Traveling


While traveling can be a great way to find relaxation and get yourself away from the stresses of your daily life, you should never forget to take care of yourself. Since you’ll be far away from your place of comfort, it’ll be harder for you to do the things that keep you healthy like exercising or preparing nutritious foods. With that said, we’ve listed below some tips to help you keep yourself healthy while traveling.

Karla Ramos

Squeeze in Some Physical Activity

As we’ve mentioned, it’s harder to stay fit while traveling since going to a foreign place means foregoing your daily routines. For one, not all hotels have gyms where you can pump iron and continue your usual workout routine. In order to keep fit during your travels go for easy, low-intensity, bodyweight exercises that you can do in the confines of your hotel room. notes that a few sets of easy exercises like planks, push-ups, burpees, and lunges after you wake up in your room can energize you for a day of excursions. However, nature-filled destinations like Calayan Island are a good place to catch some sweat ⁠— whether it’s doing some light yoga on the beach or scaling a hill to catch a breathtaking view.

Consider Bringing Supplements

To keep yourself in good health during your travels, consider packing some supplements in your bag. Multivitamin supplements, for one, are essential since you can never be certain that you’ll be getting your daily recommended dose of vitamins and minerals at a foreign place. Furthermore, multivitamin supplements can also boost your immune system.

You should also consider packing supplements that can help your digestion during your trip. Supplements like probiotics help maintain the good bacteria in your gut. A review of the popular Detoxi Slim supplements on Pretty Me also highlights how ingredients like psyllium husk can help aid in digestion. Meanwhile, garcinia extract can help you convert fat into energy to help you get the most out of your trip.

Don’t Forget to Stay Hydrated

One thing that you should never forget while traveling is to stay hydrated. Feeling dehydrated during your travels can ruin a good trip. Indeed, Medical News Today points out that you should be aware of the common symptoms of moderate dehydration, such as lethargy, dry mouth, headache, dizziness, and a weakness in your muscles. Be sure to always have a trusty water bottle with you during your travels so always remember to drink water. Furthermore, you’re also doing the environment a service if you have a sturdy and reusable water bottle with you since you’ll avoid having to purchase single-use water bottles when you feel a little dehydrated.

Prioritize Good Hygiene

The current global pandemic has put a spotlight on the importance of practicing good hygiene ⁠— especially during travels. Other than having a complete hygiene kit, complete with hand sanitizer, travel-sized toiletries, and personal care items, you should also try to be more aware of how to avoid getting sick during your travels. One of these is avoiding high-touch items like door handles, elevator buttons, or railings. While using hand sanitizer can easily kill any viruses or bacteria on your hands, it’s best to stay safe and practice caution. Furthermore, wearing a mask is all the more important now (and required by law in most places) to avoid contracting air-borne diseases ⁠— especially in confined spaces like airplanes and buses.