Bolinao Weekend

It started with an out of nowhere text message from my former lover candidate demoted to a-friend Sharlyn, asking me if I wanted to go along with her to somewhere, where to? I had no idea, she just said "to the beach". In a country surrounded by beautiful beaches it seems like a stretch just to choose a destination in that moment of spontaneous wanderlust. However, upon considering the time allotted (just 2 days of weekend) and the tight budget I had in my pocket. I thought about Zambales and Pangasinan. Both places were just about 4-5 hours away from Manila and serviceable by many bus firms in the city. In the end, I decided we should just hop in the bus to Bolinao, Pangasinan. With another friend of mine, Carrie joining us, our "menage a trois" roadtrip was on.

Bolinao 005
We left Victory Liner in Cubao aboard a bus bound for Alaminos, Pangasinan at about 11:45 PM Friday night. The bus terminal were filled with Baguio bound travelers about to join the Panagbengga Festival revelry happening that same weekend. We arrived in Alaminos by 4:00 AM and waited for a few minutes to board another bus to Bolinao for another hour of journey. At Bolinao, we rode a tricycle which took us to Patar Beach (another 30 minutes travel time) where we settled on a backpacker resort simply called as "B". Ditching rest, we just ate a quick breakfast, a lightning fix and a short walk around the resort then we proceeded to our exploration of Bolinao (we hired the same trike we rode coming in for 250 pesos - whole day). 

Bolinao 021a
Bolinao 004
It was low tide on the shore but the coral bed and other small sea creatures created this wonderful effect of crater like landscapes on the sea floor. We also dropped by the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, which was erected by the Americans in 1903, standing 351 feet and providing a panoramic view of the surrounding waters of Bolinao.

Bolinao 029a
A few distance away from the lighthouse one can finally walk with their bare feet over fine crystal-meth like white sands of Patar White Beach. It was there where we took a swim. I practiced on my slowly improving swimming skills while Carrie rekindles her love for swimming while swearing she should have taken swimming lessons as a little girl.

Bolinao 045Bolinao 067Bolinao 075
It was great just hanging out by the beach, drinking beer and just having crazy conversation with my friends Sharlyn (who is in the midst of a break-up - her 57th) and Carrie (who swears she doesn't get drunk nor tipsy-Okay, no contest there :P ). 

Bolinao 102
We settled at the furthest part of the beach as to stay away within hearing distance of those having karaoke session. I mean, you go to the beach to have some quiet time and then you end up hearing loud off-key pitches of Parokya ni Edgar songs. 

Bolinao 103Bolinao 131
Bolinao 106

We had lunch on the beach, "sinigang na malaga" sans any vegetable. Sad I know, however, in a place like that, who needs gourmet and well cooked food hey. We just sat there until sunset and hoped time moves ever so slow just to prolong our stay there.

Bolinao 135
Bolinao 146
We drank that night and talked about everything ranging from sexual topics to other topics that were eventually annotated with sexual meanings. The ratio of sexual related stories told that night was like Sharlyn's 5 to my 2 and to Carrie's 0.5. The next day before leaving, we dropped by Punta Riviera for some river kayaking along a portion of Ilog Malino, the river that eventually meet the sea. Not after getting lost and ending up on the opposite side. While kayaking I kidded Carrie aka Lauren about a crocodile living in the river and good enough she believed me for a few seconds before we spotted a bunch of kids swimming nearby.

Bolinao 193
Bolinao 205
After having lunch at the resort, we went home but not after dropping by the Church of St. James, which is among the oldest churches in Luzon.

Bolinao 266
There goes another great weekend. Back to work right now and awaiting another spontaneous itch to get out of the city.