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Saturday, January 30, 2010

White Island @ Camiguin

Camiguin is known as "island of volcanoes" because of its seven volcanoes. The most popular is Mt. Hibok Hibok, believed to be the only active volcano on the island today with the rest being pegged as inactive, although in 1871 Mt. Vulkan Daan erupted and sank nearby places including the now "Sunken Cemetery". Camiguin is an island that almost if not entirely, matches one's protruding expectation of a paradise-like place.

Not far from Camiguin, a dreamland of a place on Earth can be found and it cannot be named more appropriately.

White Island is a small sand bar found near the coast of Agojo, Mambajao in Camiguin and can be easily reached by a 10 minute boat ride. Approaching the island from afar, you could already see the blinding white island which forms a letter "C" from above and sometimes, the letter "I" depending on the tide conditions. The island itself goes underwater by late afternoon when it gets high tide. That makes early morning to mid-afternoon as the best time to visit the island.

There are no trees or any man made structures at White Island, bare as one can see. We arrived there and saw only a few people on the island. Most of them were fisherman who have docked their fishing boats for a brief rest, while some of them awaits visitors, to whom they will offer to sell sea urchins that can be fished out of the surrounding waters.

After picking up a spot where we laid down our things and having consumed a couple of Red Horse drinks, we figured there's no more holding us back from jumping unto the ultra clear waters of White Island.

The waters surrounding the island is an ideal spot for snorkeling, trudging slowly and looking down, one does not need 20/20 vision to see the corals and other fishes. After swimming for half an hour I explored further and I walked towards the other end of the island where I was met by a flock of birds who flew over me everytime I came close to them. It wasn't a surprise to see a party of birds choosing the island as their resting place from flying all over Camiguin Island.

However, as I write this trying to recount my visit to White Island. I can't help but be grateful that I've gotten the chance to go there. Traveling to other places really brings comfort to my mind, that regardless of what life is throwing out at me. There's always a time and place that resets everything to its mere rightful mind set and just perspective. White Island most definitely fits that role like a screenwriter would write a character specifically with an actor in mind.

After that, a few more shots of Red Horse - On any other occasion, I'd ran away from Red Horse, but during that moment It didn't mattered as It sure beats getting drunk on some over crowded bar in the big city. I lost the slipper I was wearing as I really can't remember where I left it, but it's alright as I gained another unforgettable nomadic experience, this time it was on my birthday weekend and with the company of great friends. Hands down, it goes up there with my top 3 birthday celebrations.

( that's Lot, Tina and Me with a bunch of Patrick Starfishes - don't worry we brought them back to where we found them )

A thought crossed my mind while walking back to our spot from the other side of the island. My dog Jack would probably enjoyed running around white island, then it occurred to me everyone will surely do, animals, humans, and who knows even Martians. The feeling of the sun shining on your back, your bare feet kissing the millions speck of white sands hard enough to leave sets of foot prints; and with the sea wind billowing against your face. Ultimately, the experience becomes so satisfying it'll leave a lasting image in your mind.

This is nature at its best. I really do hope that such places like White Island continues to amaze visitors and for people to do their share in making sure that the nature around us wont be sacrificed, abused and neglected in exchange of development, so the next generations would enjoy it as much as I am doing so right now.



Anonymous said...

great beaches! looking forward to our trip there come holy week! cheers!

☮Pinay Travel Junkie☮ said...

lovely! gotta add this on my ever growing list of destinations!

Anonymous said...

one of must-see this year! keep the post coming! =)

Chyng said...

grabe, the beach is superb! cant wait to go there this april! Ü

btw, you're in pinas! or you are really based in pinas?

Markyramone said...

I'm based in the Philippines ever since :)

MariaSison said...

Thanks for sharing these amazing pics. Will definitely make my trip there next year!

Travel Mistress said...

did you get to see mantigue island in camiguin also? ganda din dun! =D

Markyramone said...

yup we saw that island on the way, we weren't able to dock their as we only got a day :(

reason to come back though hehe

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Anonymous said...

it's such a nice place to visit...my ancestors came from camiguin... you can actually go around the island in a few hours but touring each spot would definitely take you forever because there are so many...also try their lanzones...the best...

cagayan de oro resorts said...

One thing I love going to Camiguin Island is the hot springs, very relaxing and soothing to aching muscles just like getting a full body massage. If only land travel is possible, I would definitely be their number one patron.

Siddhartha Joshi said...

the 'star fish' pic is the best :)

fetus said...

masarap yung sea urchins! tawag sa amin nun ay swaki. :) tamis!

Anonymous said...

we're all set for our trip to CDO-Camiguin-Bukidnon this coming July! I'm very excited and this post made me even more excited. :)


Markyramone said...

Enjoy Ella :)

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