On the Road to Camiguin Island

Camiguin is an island province on the northern coast of Mindanao and was the last stop of that "epic long weekend" in January 2010. Everything has been great so far up to that point and the sojourn to Camiguin made it even better. We've managed to undertake all we could ever do in a span of five days from river rafting at CDO river to riding the zipline in Bukidnon and Camiguin gave us the chance to bask delightfully under the bright sun, (in my case) learn more to swim in the crystal clear waters and roam freely around the island.

We woke up early in the morning of January 18, after taking a heavy breakfast at Lot's house, we proceeded to our next destination. Sunblock and all, the thought of white sandy beaches lighted up our sense of wonder of discovering a new place found on our map. It used to be that one tiny dot on the Philippine map that I used to see during geography class way back in elementary and now, finally- after all this time, at that moment I was going to see it up close. We left as the sky was just waking up from a night's long darkness and shades of red and orange was just starting to color the sky as the sun was about to take over from the moon.

Going to Camiguin from Cagayan de Oro city takes up about an hour and a half from the city to the port of Balingoan, Misamis Oriental and from there we took the 1 hour ferry to Benoni wharf in Camiguin. From the port of Balingoan you can already see the island of Camiguin and with Mt. Hibok Hibok, the only active of the seven volcanoes in the island, towering above it.


Aboard the ferry, the hour sailed by like a jet-ski, soon the island on the horizon becomes bigger and nearer we fixated our attention to the new place. (except for Lot, who had been there numerous times before), for Tina and I, it's our first time to be visiting Camiguin.


We were picked up at Benoni port by Lot's friend, Gerard who let us ride their jeepney to roam the island of Camiguin together with his girlfriend, May. During our day's stay there we were able to visit White Island, the Sunken Cemetery, Ardent hot springs, cold spring and Katibawasan falls.

Sunken Cemetery: - located in Brgy. Bonbon, Catarman in Camiguin. It is called as such because it used to be a community cemetery before it went underwater after the volcanic eruption of 1871. Today, a huge cross marker stood above it and is also a popular diving site.

Ardent Hot Spring: - Coming from the depths of Mt. Hibok Hibok a natural pool of about 38-40 centigrade Celsius makes up for an ideal hot spa. Picnic huts and trees surround the hot spring.

White Island: - a sand bar of the coast of Agojo, Mambajao and is popular for its blinding white sand and crystal clear waters that will make even goats and those who swore off swimming wanna jump in and take a plunge.


On my next blog entry, I will write down a short narrative of our particular trip to White Island.