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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Zipline at Dahilayan Park, Bukidnon

My friend Tina and I share the same birthday which is January 15. We decided upon another friend, Lot's invitation to celebrate our birthday at her hometown, the "city of golden friendship", Cagayan de Oro City.

I arrived at CDO on the early morning of January 15 (Tina flew there a day earlier), Lot picked me up from the airport and we went straight to their house (which is huge as in you can get lost inside). We spent Friday relaxing in a clubhouse pool in a subdivision called Xavier, played "Rock Band" and had a delicious dinner at "Candy's Restaurant" at Limketkai center courtesy of Lot's lovely mother.

The next day we went river rafting (Saturday), then went to Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon on Sunday.

Dahilayan park located at Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon is about an hour drive from Cagayan de Oro City. Along the way you will pass by in what seems like miles and miles of pineapple fields. It stretches as far as your eye can see against the backdrop of the Bukidnon mountains. That stretch of field is called the "Pineapple Country" and those pineapples are the source of Del Monte products in the Philippines.

We arrived there at 7:30 AM, bunch of early birds as the place opens up for operation at 8:30 AM. It's a good thing however, because we got the number '1' and we soon found out that by lunch time many people are lining up for the zipline rides.



The zipline at Dahilayan is composed of a 320 meter and 150 meter vertical ride and the "longest dual zipline in Asia", the 840 meter zipline, where unlike the vertical one, this one gets you flying like Superman.

This was my second time to ride a zipline. The first being the one at Camp Sabros, Digos City in Davao which also boast an 800 meter zipline and a vertical zipride to a tall treetop. Both offers marvelous sight along the way, gives the sensation of flying at a high speed and produces an exhilarating feeling yet two different unforgettable experiences nonetheless.

Dahilayan currently offers an "introductory" price of 500 pesos for all three ziplines so better visit right now before it increase its rates. The place is surrounded by pine trees which can elicit thoughts of "New Moon" and the nearby hills. It was nature at its best and the place is well maintained by its staff with nary a piece of trash on sight.

The highlight of course was the 840 meter zipline. On average it takes a person about 50 seconds of flight time to complete the whole 840 meter distance, enough speed to bring a rush of excitement as you pass by tall trees, deep ravine, the forests, the clearing and unto the landing path on the other side of the hill.

We first took the 380 meter + 150 meter zipride then we saved the best for last, the 840 meter zipride.


By lunch time we were all done with the ziplines and chalk another memory to my nomadic experiences - this time with the company of great friends in a wonderful place somewhere in Mindanao.

Being able to travel to Davao and Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon the past year has totally changed my perception of Mindanao. Growing up I thought it was one giant land mass caught in a maelstrom of war zone, I am now finding out that it's the complete opposite.

Going back to Lot's place we again passed by the pineapple country and feasted on gigantic steaks at the Del Monte Country Club (again with Lot's mom footing the bill - can't thank them enough)



Stacey at LAKBAI said...

wow! looks like an awesome trip! one of these days i'll get to visit Cagayan de Oro.

flipnomad said...

waaaaah! nakakalula!

Cagayan de Oro jobs said...

Had a blast in Dahilayan with my friends. I can't wait to have another fun filled experience with them!http://www.cdokay.com/

Bonzenti said...

thanks marky. we've been here also. but sadly, before my wife got into the finish end, it rained so hard. But we're scheduled to go back there this march. Steak tastes so good in the Club house. By the way, the subdivision that you are referring to is Xavier Estate.:-).

Bonzenti said...

By the way. you have of the same birthday with my late father.:-).

Markyramone said...

Yes, I still crave for that steak hehe. I remember the way to Dahilayan was so scenic, hope to go back there too someday.

Nice to know (we) share birthdays with your late father :)

journeyingjames said...

will be using your photos marky, and link to this ha :)

Markyramone said...

Sure James, will be an honor to be linked at your page :)

journeyingjames said...

thanks marky! its now up :)

Cielo said...

Wow, I wish I could celebrate my birthday in Dahilyan and CDO too. I love to go there. That would be on August. I am excited!

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