The Blinding White Sands of Panglao Island | Bohol

Panglao is an island located in the Central Visayan province of Bohol. A bridge connects the island to Tagbilaran, making land travel possible. Panglao is known to have a rich marine biodiversity. More than 2,500 species of mollusks and 250 species of crustaceans are said to be found around the island according to the latest findings of marine biologists who worked on the Panglao Marine Biodiversity Project in 2004.

Celine Arenillo

After traveling the countryside of Bohol, I ended up at Dumaluan resort which is located beside the Bohol Beach Club. I settled on the cheapest room available where I immediately took a short rest. After an hour, I proceeded to take a walk at the long stretch of white sand. The weather was sunny and the bright sun added to the blinding effect of pure sandy shore as far as my eyes can see.

Reese Belarmino

There were many people on the beach that day, but not that crowded as compared to other popular beaches. Family members occupying nipa hut cottages were enjoying a morning picnic, others were playing beach volleyball, while some were skimboarding. I was was just trying to grasp the beautiful sight in my head with the intent of remembering each image for a long time.

Gretchen Filart

That and taking some photographs and wondering how it is like to live near a place like Panglao. Reminding me again of that dream of living in a small house by the beach someday and Panglao fits that ideal setting. I'll keep that in mind in case I win the lottery one day. :P

As I see the beach crowd thinned during when the sun was about to set. I took another long walk along the shore, passing nearby fishing villages and ending up on the other side of the Island. The sun moved magically and slowly at the corner of my eye, as the white sands turns to golden sheets and the sound of the waves added to the cool harmony of the place. 

Erika Garcia and Killian

Soon, the tides reached my feet after it slowly risen up and the sea level at that moment has occupied part of the shore where I was walking in straight line minutes before. I decided to go back to the resort where I was staying and I arrived the exact moment the darkness took a bite of the remaining sunlight and as if on cue, the neon and Christmas starts lighting up around the resort. A concert stage being set up nearby created a party atmosphere.

I only spent one night in this place, wish I have more to spare as there's still many things I'd like to do and places to explore around Panglao Island.

Mujee Gonzales and Christian Sangoyo

Among the activities you can enjoy at Panglao aside from swimming and forgetting momentarily your personal problems under the sun, are dolphin watching, diving and snorkeling around Panglao and at nearby Balicasag Island. Around Panglao Island there's also Hinagdanan Cave which has an underground lagoon. You can also take long walks by visiting some old churches and historic watchtowers and cap your morning with a heavy breakfast at the Bohol Bee Farm.

Karla Ramos

The next morning I got up early, starving as I've only eaten a few bites and a bit hangover from the night before. I got out of my room intent of having an early breakfast but my plan changed as I saw the sun gearing up for another day. I had my camera with me so I just clicked until the full sunrise is visible. From where I stand on the shore, I stared at the horizon of the sea and saw silhouette of fishing boats and flying birds casting a beautiful image against the golden morning skies. 

Livs Yao

I will never grew tired of traveling around the Philippines because of places like Panglao and others I've been fortunate enough to set foot on. These experiences on the road has been continuously lighting up my desire to pack my backpack, save enough money, make little plans, book a cheap plane ticket and just explore places both new and old with the same passion of a six year old having that kind of wonder around a toy store.

The Philippines has many places to ignite again that childish wonder we thought to have lost forever amidst the pressure of adult life. Traveling and exploring, I think is just what the doctor ordered for people like me who at one time has settled on living a life without anything to look forward to.

I now look forward to coming back again to Panglao Island and the many places in the Philippines I've yet to explore.