Bagasbas Beach, Camarines Norte

Spread widely in the southern province of Camarines Norte, Bagasbas beach is an emerging surfing destination thanks to the massive swells coming from the mighty Pacific Ocean. Here, the waves are aplenty and suitable for both surfer wannabes and experts.

Reese Belarmino

We went directly to Bagasbas beach after camping overnight at Calaguas Islands' Mahabang Buhangin. Going here is very easy. After alighting from any public transportation vehicle bound for Daet, Camarines Norte you'll just take a short 4-5 kilometer tricycle ride to Bagasbas beach.

Things to do in Bagasbas

The long stretch of beach provides ample space to frolic. While the sands here aren't blinding, its pure nonetheless making walking barefoot feels alright. But its the waves that are the main attraction here attracting beach goers, surfers, skim boarders and skate boarders. There is long paved road facing the beach where rows of bars, backpacker inns lines the street. Riding a bike or your skate board seems like a perfect tool of exploring this sleepy coastal town. 

Lauren Denoga

We rented a room at the second floor of E.M. bar for only 200 pesos a night. It's a small fan room suitable for sleeping and nothing else. Hey it's cheap and in a place like Bagasbas beach, where the real pleasure is found outside on the beach  with the waves, the room is already perfect (for us budget travelers).

In the afternoon we took our surfing lessons, which to my surprise was a little bit difficult than the first time I tried surfing in La Union. The waves this time is a bit bigger and wilder and I had a hard time balancing myself during my first few tries. However, it was a great experience just riding the board and meeting the waves. It became a bit scary one time but the water was only up to your waist so my fear of drowning really never got the hold of me.

Team Red Horse

Speaking of drowning, there was a near drowning accident that happened. Fortunately the rescuers (actually it was our surfer instructors who rescued the boy) were quick on their feet and was able to rescue a boy who was swallowed into the deep part of the sea by the strong current.

Eileen Campos

During the night, the festive mood in the beach continued (there's usually a party every weekend) with people playing beach volleyball and hanging out on bars. When it comes to food, there's no lacking in choices. We munched on 'betamax', 'isaw' and 'bbq' to pair with a few bottles of beer before proceeding to walk on the beach to enjoy the cool breeze of the open sea wind.

Eileen Campos

So, there an account of our brief yet memorable stay at Bagasbas beach. I hope next time I come back, I'd be able to fully say to the surf board "I owned you" and be able to stay standing on the board for a long, long ride with the waves.

Sharlyn Del Rosario

How to go: Take any bus going to Daet, Camarines Norte. From Daet just take a tricycle to Bagasbas Beach.