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[Insert Adjectives Here] at Tinago Falls | Iligan City

Like a miracle pill, the sight of Tinago waterfalls provides a soothing cure for any hangover. The streaming water flowing out even from the tiny cracks of its high-rise wall seem to wash away all unsavory elements of the world. The cold and crystalline water surrounded by the lush vegetation, creates an inviting natural pool. Notwithstanding the embarrassing attempt by men to construct unnecessary infrastructures  threatening the bareness vibe of the waterfall, one can still describe the place in all favorable adjectives.

Waterfalls in the Philippines

But for how long? is a question asked too often. If the management of the park would continue to allow visitors to leave their decaying trash, the waterfalls stands to lose some of its appeal. The caretaker said it was due to the influx of visitors during the November 1 and 2 holidays. I hope during ordinary days, the place is kept well maintained and clean of liters. Seeing the leftover bottles of beer, plastics was the only downer of the trip to Tinago Falls. The bright blue colored pool of water was calling us from the get-go. It had us rushing through our lunch of "Marang" and "lechon" so quickly, we literally jumped into the water after taking our last bite.

Best ruins in the world

Leading to the waterfalls, you will pass by an abandoned resort with only the ruins of what used to be villa's and other cottages now almost cowered up under the embrace of long vines. A deserted swimming pool lies occupied by insects and frogs swimming on its dark water. It felt like a ghost town of what was once an expensive resort. It wasn't supposed to be built in the first place as any attempt to make the Tinago Falls exclusive should be a no-no.

Where to eat in Iligan City

A circling concrete stairs leads you 100-200 feet below to the waterfalls. As we come closer to Tinage, we start to hear the rapid swooshing of the water. A feeling of excitement reigns over. Visitors can swim by wearing a life vest for safety and ride a bamboo raft towards the falls. Which we did when we finally took a dip into the water. The result was a soothing back massage courtesy of the dropping heaves of freshwater.

Eileen Campos

We took shelter under the rocks just behind the waterfalls and listened to Dennis tell us the legend of Tinago Falls. My girlfriend Lauren kept doing the jiggy moves only she can do, while we tease Lisa Marie about the out of this world super-Lakas of her secret admirer. 

Lauren Denoga

After that, Dennis egged us to climb a part of the rocky wall and jump into the water. We scrambled to the wall of over 8 feet and took turns diving. It wasn't as high as where the local kids jumps from, which was like 20-30 feet higher. Still, it was a very thrilling form of 'high'. Crashing into a whirlpool seeing nothing but small bubbles while waiting for what seemed like a long time before surfacing, was an awesome experience. 

Eileen Campos

Tinago falls definitely belongs to my list of the best waterfalls I've been to. It is right up there with Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig. I just hope the place will be taken care of and rules about bringing trash back be strictly enforced. After a couple of hours, we packed our things and prepared to climb back the hundred or so steps. I took a moment to stare back at the waterfalls and yes, I felt all the negativeness of the world disintegrate at the mere sight of the rapid prowess of the white water flowing from its mouth. I was glad to share it with Lauren and the company of new friends. 
Josiah Sicad