PAL’s Flight to Bangkok got even better with the Tri-Class Airbus A330

Philippine Airlines is continuing to step up the quality of service and comfort level of its short haul international flights with the introduction of the Airbus A330. Today, PAL passengers can now enjoy a very convenient 4-hour journey to Bangkok with the help of the cool features of the A330. This Airbus model is normally used by most airlines on long-haul flights that spans at least 8 hour of travel time. By opting to fly this dandy of a state-of-the-art plane on a brief hop to a city like Bangkok, it only show how serious Philippine Airlines when it comes to providing more value for airfare to its passengers.

I was fortunate enough to fly on an A330 the last time I visited Bangkok and here are some of the things about this plane and the in-flight service PAL provided, that stood out for me.

myPal eSuite Personal TV

I admit, I wasn’t a fan of MyPAL’s mobile app which you need to download on your gadget so you can watch in-flight streaming movies on your device. One reason is because I have a small mobile phone screen. I would prefer watching movies on a bigger screen.

When I learned that on this particular plane, PAL is offering a myPAL eSuite Personal TV, my heart skipped a beat as I always look forward to watching a movie during a flight that goes over two hours.

I have only flown a couple of long haul non-stop flights before (to Dubai) and I remembered being entertained by watching a couple of movies in between meals. This is why the presence of an in-flight entertainment system is important in lessening one’s boredom while airborne.

The myPAL eSuite’s doesn’t disappoint with its 10.1 touchscreen monitor filled with a large collection of Hollywood and international films including a dozen of recently released critically acclaimed Tagalog motion pictures.

Other than the movies, you can also opt to watch some of your favorite TV series or listen to the collection of music albums ranging from classical, pop, and international to alternative rock genre. It is said that the whole entertainment collection lasts up to 300 hours. Definitely a mound of choices for a four-hour flight.

I ended up watching this feel good movie called “Wonder” starring Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts which follows the exploits of August Pullman, a boy with facial differences from being home-schooled to enrolling in a mainstream elementary school.

In-flight Meal

Another thing that excites me whenever I board a PAL plane, is the in-flight meal. Because I know I would be served a Filipino dish fused with a taste of an international cuisine, the moment I sat on my assigned seat, I just counted the minutes until the flight attendants started serving meals.

When the lovely stewardess asked me “chicken or beef?” I opted for the beef, which to my lovely surprise came as fusion of our own beef caldereta with  Italian fettuccine pasta.

The serving size is just ideal for a 4-hour flight and it comes with a bread, salad and a small pack of Cebu best Dried Mango. Topping it all for dessert was a half-pint mango ice cream.

Comfortable Seats

Being a larger aircraft than most Airbus models, the A330 packs a spacious leg room for each seats. Divided each row by a 2-4-2 partition, each seat measures 18 inch in width with a 32 inch seat pitch that can be reclined up to 6 inches. I particularly loved the light and compact design of the economy class seats because it saved more space without sacrificing comfort. 

It may appear very thin but once you sat on it, you instantly feel very comfortable thanks to the very soft cushion of the extra padding present despite its compressed design.


Guests are automatically afforded 15 minutes free Wi-Fi access while onboard. This is good for 5 MB of data. If you wanted to check some email and do some work, you can avail of a 1-hour 35 MB data for $5.00.

I tried my free access and was able to reply to an urgent email right away. So even when we were already flying out of Philippine territory, the internet connection still worked fine.

Trademark PAL Heart of the Filipino Service

No PAL experience is complete without experiencing the trademark Heart of the Filipino service provided by flight attendants of the Philippine Airlines. A cheery greeting of Mabuhay welcomes you onboard and each time they will pass you by, they make sure to ask you if you needed anything. Seeing them take care of their passengers make me beam with pride, knowing foreign travelers will have a more positive expectations of our country because of their kind and hospitable manner of performing their jobs.

👍👍👍Flying Experience

Philippine Airlines’ Airbus A330 definitely elevates the level of comfort and quality service of short haul international flights flying out of Manila. This is in line with PAL’s dedication of providing passengers more options to experience luxury in air without drilling a hole in their pockets. Our four-hour flight to Bangkok went by without a hiccup. Most times, I would prefer to sleep most part of my Southeast Asian flights, but on this trip – I made sure to enjoy all the features of the Airbus A330. As the pilot announced “Flight crew, prepare for arrival”, I even wished to have more time up in the air as I still want to relax on my comfortable chair and finish the 2nd movie I was watching. 

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