2GO Makes Sea Travel Safer, More Convenient and Appealing to Travelers


Though I may have been too young to fully comprehend the Doña Paz tragedy at the time, subsequent news stories about it left an indelible impression on me. I grew up rationalizing that sea travel is a perilous undertaking — particularly in a country where antiquated vessels are commonplace.

Thea Ifurung
2GO MV Masagana

When I reached college and joined our school’s mountaineering club, I experienced my first sea voyage having only previously partaken in brief island-hopping excursions aboard small boats. Our three-hour ferry ride to Oriental Mindoro consisted of doing almost nothing. I mostly sat the whole time, getting up to walk a few meters near the ship’s handrails to gaze out at the ocean and then sitting back again.

Janelle cu
The twin-bed business class cabin

It was the same when I went to Romblon from Batangas almost a decade ago where I just lay down on my bunk bed for 8 hours. Since then, I’ve come to regard at sea travel in the Philippines as more of a sacrifice than experiencing the joys of traveling.

Janelle Cu
The ship's Horizon Cafe

Carving a career as a travel journalist, I've had the wonderful pleasure of sailing on several foreign cruises aboard some of the world's most cutting-edge luxury vessels. The experience left me wishing the Philippines, as an archipelago nation, to have something similar to that.

Enter 2GO Travels

2GO Travel, a subsidiary of 2GO Group, has modernized sea travel in the Philippines since its inception in 2012. The company has introduced state-of-the-art vessels that offer spacious sleeping quarters and a range of onboard amenities, allowing both locals and tourists to explore the country's waters in comfort and style. A passenger ferry arm of parent company 2GO, which used to own previous shipping brands like the SuperFerry, SuperCat, and Negros Navigation, 2GO Travel has quickly become a go-to option for those seeking a premium ferry experience.

Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines COO Marga Nograles is joined by actor James Reid, and 2GO officials during the send-off ceremony of 2GO's Creators Cruise

My first time traveling on a 2GO Travel ship was in 2016 on journey to Boracay aboard its St. Ignatius de Loyola ship. I remember enjoying my time on board as there's a mini bar to chill with a cold beer, a restaurant with a live band performing at night and a Mezzanine to hang out while enjoying the view of the sea — on top of a comfortable Cabin class accommodation I shared with 3 other friends.

On-board the MV Masagana to Iloilo

Since my first experience traveling with 2GO, I’ve always planned on embarking another long sea journey but never got to doing so. That is until last month when I joined 2GO Travel’s #2GoKada Creators Cruise to Iloilo and Bacolod. This time around, I was introduced to one of the two latest vessels of the ferry company, the MV Masagana. Similar to sister ship MV Maligaya, MV Masagana was by built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Japan in 2003.

The State Room has its own private bathroom

During our voyage, I shared a Business Class quarters with fellow travel writer and vlogger Azrael Coladilla. In my estimation, the lodging provided ample space, featuring a pair of single beds, a settee, a central table, and a chest of drawers with a television top and washbasin.

Kill time by having fun with your friends at the Karaoke Room

Even though there aren't individual restrooms in the cabins, the well-maintained shared showers and toilets on the same deck make it as convenient as possible to take a freshen-up and answer nature's call.

Up and coming musical artists performed during the #2GOKADA Creators Cruise

2GO Travel, though advertised as a budget ferry, does not skimp on the amenities of its vessel. The Horizon Cafe and Island Fiesta restaurant offer a splendid seascape for diners, while QuickMart caters to grocery requirements. A souvenir shop and the Sea Breeze lounge, complete the chill out vibe.

The welcoming party in Iloilo

For on-ship entertainment, MV Masagana also boasts a pair of karaoke rooms accommodating up to twelve passengers as well as a salon. On the upper deck, one can partake in a variety of pastimes, ranging from a serene yoga session to a melodious musical performance, or even a leisurely sunbathing session.

Janelle Cu
Souvenir Store

Departing from Pier 4 of the Manila Port Harbor on 5pm, we reached Iloilo around 11am the next day. Despite the lengthy 18-hour sea voyage, I remained remarkably invigorated throughout. I was able to indulge in a restful 8-hour slumber within my cabin, relish in a live musical performance in the lounge, croon a few Blind Melon tunes in the karaoke room, and savor hearty meals in between.

Teacher Monina Sanchez of Movement in Play led the Yoga session

In retrospect, I appreciate how far sea travel has improved in our country with the introduction of these newer marine fleets by 2GO. It not only offers more space for a passenger, but it also provides additional comfort, entertainment, and value for money.

2Go Travel’s Creators Cruise

To promote and spread the word about the wonders of sea travel, 2GO and the Department of Tourism organized a 3-day sea voyage event called "Creators Cruise". 100 content creators from various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok were chosen to participate along with a few other members of the media.

Ayi Del Rosario

By traveling to Iloilo and Bacolod City, many of the participating dynamic creators discovered for the first time the joys of sea travel. Bonding over a sundry list of fun activities on board: from partaking in a yoga session, to conducting workshops and partying on the ship’s sun deck, they not only reveled in endless fun but also amassed a wealth of content material to share with their followers.

Anne Gumiran
The Content Creators who participated in the #2GOKaDa cruise

Their aim: to inspire others to witness and explore the Philippines from a novel vantage point: that of a cruising ship meandering through the archipelago's picturesque islands.