Sofia’s Lake Resort: A Quiet and Wonderful Nature Escape Not Far From Manila | Cavinti, Laguna


It’s about time that you reward your hard work by going on a nature escape with your loved ones at some posh hideaway that ticks all the boxes for a leisurely getaway. Get up close and personal with Mother Nature by communing with the picturesque Lake Lumot and engaging on a variety of water activities during the day, then embrace quaintness beneath the stars before capping the night with a soothing massage and a rejuvenating Kawa hot bath come. Exciting activities and moments of tranquilly abound in this outdoor oasis, which provides excellent value for every peso spent.

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Sofia’s Lake Resort, located on one of the scenic islets dotting Lake Lumot in Cavinti, Laguna, dishes the perfect combination of solitude and being one with the crowded presence of the great outdoors, as represented by the tranquil lake, the surrounding lush greens, and even the undeniable majestic view of Mount Banahaw.

What to Know About This Elevated Glamping Resort in Cavinti?

Since its soft opening in May 2023, when it first began welcoming guests to its four villas and fourteen glamping tents, Sofia's Lake Resort has received nothing but glowing reviews from those who have stayed there.

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Pretty views everywhere

The four villas in Sofia's Lake were built using natural, lightweight materials and designed with utmost comfort in mind. Inside, guests are welcomed into a luxurious villa that skillfully combines rustic and modern interior elements with earthy colors. The villa is connected to a spacious balcony via a sliding door that open to a sweeping view of the glasslike waters of Lake Lumot and its enveloping verdant forest. The glass window over the tub in the villa's enormous bathroom lets in natural light during the day, provides soft lighting at night, and frames a lovely view of the lake.

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Inside my villa

Two double beds, a Smart TV, a refrigerator, a mini bar, desk and tables, and a bathtub completes the villa’s faculties while a swing sofa and dining table laid out on the balcony, lets you enjoy your morning coffee or an evening drink in serenity with nature.

Where to Stay in cavinti?
My villa's balcony opens up to sweeping imagery of the lake and Mt. Banahaw

What to Do in Sofia's Lake Resort?

With its flawlessly calm water and breathtaking surroundings, Lumot Lake in Cavinti is gradually becoming the go-to destination for those in pursuit of water-based activities, rivalling even the best beaches and other lakes in the Philippines.

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Satisfy your need for speed aboard a Jestki over the waters of Lake Lumot

Guests here can choose to indulge in a number of water activities such as jet skiing, paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming and even bass fishing.

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Kayak in utmost peace

The property heavily invested on a duo of powerful Sea Doo GTX Jet Skis which guests can use for a smooth and speedy ride. If you're not an experienced jet ski rider, you can always ride shotgun with one of the experienced staff member.

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Karla enjoying the Kawa Hot Bath just like we did in Antique.

Anyone looking for some peace and quiet can do so by taking a leisurely paddle around Lake Lumot in a kayak or on a stand-up paddleboard, or by catch some bass fish in a designated fishing area of the resort.

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Kat of Tara Lets, Milet of Project Gora, Karla of Karlaroundtheworld and Ina of WindowSeat

In the mood for an early dinner? A sunset cruise, departing before sunset from the resort's jetty and making its way across the lake's many waterways until well after dawn, is another option for you to hoist your Sofia’s Lake stay to another level.

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The glamping accommodations in Sofia's Lake Resort

For pampering the body, guests can cap the night with a soothing Kawa Hot Bath and a rejuvenating massage at the resort’s Kawayan Spa. The Kawa Hot Bath, a centuries-old bathing tradition that continues to be practiced in Antique province on the island of Panay, employs a large cauldron, which is filled with water heated by fire and laden with flowers and other herbs. Dipping one's body into water relieves and softens stressed-out muscles while also settling the mind.

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Breakfast at Sofia's, not Tiffany's

As one soaks in the hot tub at the Spa's Kawa Hot Bath, which is set in an open-air leading to the night sky, one's mind is free to wander to more pleasant thoughts. Following up your Kawa Hot Bath session with a massage from one of the staff's skilled therapists will almost certainly ensure you a good night's sleep.

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A Me time for myself

Fun activities at Sofia’s Lake doesn’t begin and end with the lake itself. It extends to the property’s one hectare land where one can also do yoga in the morning or in the afternoon or surround a bonfire at night. From thrilling pursuits in the water to body and mind wellness treatments and sunset gastronomic cruise to bonding sessions, the amenities of Sofia’s Lake ticks all the check boxes of a leisure and fun nature escape.

Where to Eat in Sofia's Lake Resort?

The resort’s in-house Kawayan Café which is housed in a terrace offering a fantastic view of the lake and covered by a nipa-thatched roof, not only provides a vibe that blends with the surrounding but also serves elevated dishes made with a twist such as a chow mein that uses noodles traditionally used in making pancit habhab — a noodle dish that originated in Laguna's neighboring Quezon province.

Where to eat in Laguna
Kawayan Cafe

Guests’ full-board meals at Kawayan Café', where Chef AC oversees the kitchen, includes delicious dishes inspired by the fusion of Filipino and Asian flavours.

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Sofia's Lake Resort's version of the Pancit Habhab

Waking up to a breathtaking view of Lake Lumot and Mt. Banahaw is made even more special by having your breakfast served right on your villa's porch. Chef AC and his staff will likely surprise you even more with a slew of all-time favourite breakfast staples, fruits, and salads crafted to represent Sofia's Lake signature culinary flavor, as well as an Ube Champorado that will definitely top all the champorados you've had in your life.

Mount Banahaw
The glassy lake and Mount Banahaw

Where to Go in Cavinti?

Side trip options near Sofia’s Lake Resort includes Cavinti Waterfalls (formerly known as Pagsanjan Falls) and Caliraya Lake. Travel time from Sofia’s Lake to Cavinti Falls may take a couple of hours, as this includes almost an hour of hiking and a canoe ride. Travel time from Sofia’s Lake to Caliraya Falls will take an hour as this includes already the boat and land travel.

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Breakfast of Champions starring the Ube Champorado

Lake View Villas start at P21,700 for two guests and go up to P29,500 for four guests. Glamping Tents are available at P9,100 for two people. The Guest House can accommodate up to four visitors at a cost of P3,300 per person.

At a Glance

Room: While the Glamping Tents are already a good choice with enough space, ultra comfortable beddings and offers a wonderful lakeside view, we also highly recommend the Lake View Villas for a more memorable stay.

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Sunset dinner cruise

Food and drink: Full-board meals are included in the price of your overnight stay in either the Lake Side Villa or the Glamping Tent. You can have it delivered and set-up on your villa’s balcony or your tent’s porch. The in-house Kawayan Cafe provides an extensive selection of Filipino-Asian cuisine.

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Postcard-like view

Staff: Friendly, hospitable and are always available. You can easily spot a member of their staff and summon them each time you step out of your accommodation.

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Why you should stay: Because you can’t scrimp on a much-deserved staycation for the books.

Other Amenities:

The resort has a private parking lot on the mainland where guests can leave their vehicles before boarding a boat to the private islet. An events tent is also available for special events. The property is powered by multiple generator sets, and there is also a Starlink connection to the outside world.

Sofia’s Lake Resort is in Lumot Lake in Cavinti, Laguna. For more information, visit the property’s Facebook Page (website soon to come).