7 Reasons Why Traveloka App help travelers travel on a budget

In this age of travel when technology allows us to have instant access to information, it is still important not to fall prey to phony travel apps that promises the moon and all – but delivers failingly. This is the reason why I was so very methodical in my selection of what travel app I install on my phone. Even then, I still ended up having to use a couple of travel apps – something I found time consuming, so imagine my delight at discovering Traveloka through a series of strong word-of-mouth recommendations from my wanderer friends.

Easy and user-friendly interface

Traveloka App combines the platform of hotel and flights booking into one seamless app making any user plan their trip perfectly. Apart from this convenient fact, it also comes with an array of features that greatly help any traveler – especially those who want to travel on a budget.

To help you get the gist of this useful app, here are the reasons why Traveloka App is a traveler’s best friend on the road. 

User-Friendly App

A no frills design allows users to quickly get a hang of using the app. At the opening page, users are instantly presented with the options of what to book; Flights or Hotels. It also has a tab for Price Alerts and Ongoing Promos – something every traveler would love to check out – all the time.

Use it anywhere you go
As a traveler, I consider the user-friendliness of a travel app as an important factor because there would be times when I would need to book that emergency flight or hotel at the most inopportune time. Having used Traveloka App a handful of times before, with its user-friendliness and instantaneous processes has helped me a great deal.

Revolving Promos and Great Deals

What I also love about Traveloka is the what-you-see is what-you-get price listed on their app. Most of the time, in other booking sites you will get the initial idea of scoring a cheaper hotel, but when you ended up booking it - taxes and online charges added will result into a rate 20%-25% more expensive.

In Traveloka, taxes are already inclusive and on top of that, they also throw in an occasional up to 20% discount on their promotional deals – visible when you click the Ongoing Promos at the home page section

Featured on-going promo
To highlight my point, I did a mock booking and since I have another trip planned for Taiwan at the end of this month, I selected Taipei and chose Capital Hotel Taipei.

The rate I found at Traveloka App for this hotel shows 4,779.20 for a Deluxe Room (1 King Bed) and 5,084.25 for a Deluxe Twin Room (2 Twin Beds). Comparing it to Booking.com, the respective rates are pegged at 5,613.00 and 5,972.00 for a price margin of more than 800 pesos for each room.

I suggest you do a few other mock bookings comparing Traveloka with other booking websites to make sure that I am telling the truth.

Wide Selections of Flights and Hotels

Traveloka gives you many hotel selections to choose from
What is user-friendliness and revolving promos and great deals without a wide selection of flights and hotels? Traveloka thought of that long before they incorporated their amazing features. By having a long available list of flight options and hotels situated in the city you are traveling to – as a traveler, you are presented with many possibilities to make your travel planning a very easy task – while meeting the range of your trip budget.

A Wide Range of Partner Hotels (Domestic and International)

Ever wonder how Traveloka afford to dish out attractive rates and discounts? It is because they have partnered with many domestic and international hotels in order to give travelers a better deal all year long.

Convenient Payment Options

Traveloka also made sure that its payment process become very convenient for everyone, by giving you many options for mode of payment. Leading payment choices such as credit card, debit card, bank transfer or even over-the-counter at all 7/11 and M. Lhuillier branches are allowed – thereby giving you all the easy time in the world to confirm your bookings pronto.

Paperless Transactions

Once you settle your booking payment for your flights or hotels, there is no need to print your itinerary as the Traveloka App will automatically email you the confirmation letter complete with all required information re: flight info for flights and hotel info for your accommodation. Just show this to the check in counter or hotel receptionist and you’re good to go.

OK, Customer Service

Lastly, if you happen to ran into a glitch in the system or made a mistake while making your booking, you can easily contact the customer service via the app itself and in no time – because they have a 24/7 local customer service - expect someone to get in touch with you to help you rectify the issue at hand.