Where to Stay | Chiang Mai, Thailand | Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Resort

Unmistakably, one instantly feels the throwback vibe Na Nirand bestows upon its guest. Upon our enthusiastic probing for details, we were eventually told by the manager that the various style of residences in the property, incorporates a classic northern Thai architecture called Lanna. This style involves a specific design scheme composed mostly of wooden houses built on stilts, and characterized by a spacious veranda and a ‘galae’ component in the roof – styled in V-shape form attached to the beams.

Jamie Fournier

Blending post-modern ideas into the classic Lanna style, the current look of Na Nirand summons both the 19th century colonial architecture prevalent during the reign of King Rama 5 and a modern sleek look that boast of a romantic atmosphere as well.

Liza Ilarde

Situated on the side of Ping River - which flows along the Nan River and is one of the two major tributaries of Chao Phraya River, Na Nirand impresses a location that is intimately closer to nature.

Marky Ramone Go

Since we arrived a day after the Loy Krathong festival, we still held a mini celebration among our group by lighting a candle on a small bouquet of flowers and elaborately cut banana leaves and releasing it to flow over the river, carrying with it our silently recited prayer and wishes.  

Tim Jap with Marky Ramone Go and Jamie Fournier

Aside from the stunning fusion of the deep-rooted and contemporary architecture, the well landscape lawn grounds, gardens and the imposing century old tree all competes to arrest one’s attention.

Kezia Romblon

According to the manager we talked to, the 100 plus year-old tree traces its origin to the early years of the Royal Forest Department which was established way back in 1896. Then Conservator of Forest; H. Slade is believed to have planted the tree himself.

Althea Tuano

During our 4-night stay here, I found myself waking up before the others so I could see the reflection of the rising sun on the waters of Ping River, while I listen to the chirping birds nesting on the many indigenous trees rooted all over the fertile grounds of the resort. 

Mishi Magno

Inside my room; the wooden charm of Lanna architecture becomes more stylistically felt. Coupled by the interior elements consisting of rattan furniture, artisan-crafted fixtures, colorful woven cloth and visually pleasing blend of colors – equates to the romantic theme Na Nirand aims to convey.

Room of Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Resort

The aesthetic time travel continues to Na Nirand’s Time Riverfront Cuisine & Bar which sits squarely right beside the river. Despite employing vintage industrial interior, it still vibes well with the over-all Lanna ambiance of the resort. Serving a sumptuous Lanna cuisine (Northern Thai food), it provided our whole group with a dinner to remember during our first night – particularly this creamy and oozingly-juicy shrimp dish (pictured below). There are two other places at Na Niran where you can unwind while enjoying a drink and an array of mouth watering appetizers and snacks; the poolside Lanna Rice Barn and Bar and the quaint Huan Kammung teak house which is located right above the stilts in the second floor. 

After exploring the city of Chiang Mai by day throughout our five-day tour of the – Na Nirand provided our group a wonderful home and a perfect place to bookend our delightful experience, courtesy of the homey mood, chill-down atmosphere and pampering we got from the resort’s staff. I could say I had a grand time staying at this lovely resort. 

Yes, even without a romantic liaison. 

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