Feeling the Royal Vibe Inside the City Palace in Udaipur | India


As we make our way through the vast Rajasthan desert from Jaipur and Jodphur, the golden-colored terrain seems as familiar as the blue skies above. The contrast of colors in this part of India added an extra layer of visual interest to our journey. We have also developed a routine which includes bazaar hopping, street food exploration, and stepping inside centuries-old palaces and giant forts. Nevertheless, my sense of wonder and pursuit of the oddity lit up as we approached the City Palace of Udaipur on foot. Massive in scale and rich in architectural details, I immediately felt a tinge of royal vibe as we enter the 'Badi Pol' (Great Gate) leading to the Palace's first of many courtyards.

Ayi Del Rosario
The Facade of the City Temple looks more like a typical Rajasthan Fort

Udaipur, being known as "the City of Lakes", lavishes travelers with a picturesque body of water surrounded with a flair of royal heritage—in the form of impressive forts and regal palaces.

Cheekie Albay
The Tripolia Gate is one of the Palace's main gateways

The City Palace which overlooks Lake Pichola is one of them. There's also Jag Mandir—a small palace built on a tiny islet and the Lake Palace which stands on a larger island. It was only a few minutes into our walk towards the lake side when a local approached us pointing to something in the middle of the lake. "That palace was where James Bond Octopussy was shot", he told us proudly.

Sara Abdollahi

Recognizing the exoticness of Udaipur and the immense culture and history it represents, I clearly understand why it was chosen as a James Bond shooting location.


A 16th Century Royal Abode

The City Palace was first constructed at the same time Udaipur was founded as a city by Marahana Udai Sing II of the then ruling Mewar Kingdom in 1559. From the initial Rai Angan courtyard, construction spread rapidly to include numerous Royal residences, gardens, function halls and gateways. The whole construction phase spanned 22 generations of Sisodia Rajputs rulers covering hundreds of years from 1559 onwards.

Sandra Santiago of Goto Believe

Designed with Rajput Architecture, the City Palace houses eye-popping details and interiors dotting the whole complex from towering balconies, intricate mirror and marble-work to stunning remnants of mural paintings, silver work and colored glass.

Katrina Arceta

A Maze of Elaborate Architecture

Just by looking at the looming façade of the City Palace of Udaipur, you’d easily compare it to the other Forts built all over Rajasthan

Levy Amosin and Celine Murillo

As imposing it appears from the outside, stepping inside takes you to another dimension highlighted by a labyrinth of passageways and hallways leading to various rooms showcasing historical artifacts depicting the journey of the Mewar Kingdom to present-day Udaipur.  

Jomie Naynes

Former Royal halls are now transformed into museums displaying artworks dating back to the height of the Mewar Kingdom. My friend Aileen and I would often separate from each other as we explore through what appears to be a fun-maze of Architectural marvel.

Places to See in Udaipur

From one room to the next, I never ran out of fine details to ogle at. Whether it was a door, a window, a glass panel or a mural piece, everything seem to arrest my attention.

Things to do in Udaipur

Alighting at the rooftop courtyard, I proceeded to the balcony to survey the view of the city below. Feeling happily exhausted at collecting new knowledge while pleasing my visual sense, I muster back my energy with a cold bottle of drink in hand. 

Lovely Bulatao

For a few precious minutes, I savored not only Udaipur's cool wind but also of some royal vibe that has been etched for many generations within the walls of the City Palace.