The Hilltop Cabins of Farm Ridge by Desmond Farm in Nueva Ecija


Socially distance yourself from the hustle and bustle of Manila by taking a 3-hour drive to this part of Nueva Ecija where one can wake up to a sea of clouds and the humming of birds. Nestled on the slopes of the Sierra Madre mountains and overlooking the calm waters of Pantabangan lake are a set of cabins that gorgeously blends with the surrounding nature.

Jomie Naynes

Constructed on a vast farm land rolling on the tips of successive hills, Farm Ridge by Desmond Farm’s hilltop cabins dishes breathtaking outdoor views and a country vibe stamped with mother nature's serenity.  Part agricultural and farm tourism site, visitors can enjoy a much-needed Zen-and-chill experience while regaling at the spectacular scenery in between spreads of healthy farm-to-table meals.

Cabin Fiver

An instant hit among nature lovers since it first opened its doors in early 2021, Farm Ridge by Desmond Farm’s cabins immediately got a series of five-star raves from previous guests who have experienced its charming comforts. Modeled after stunning tiny houses that maximizes space and functionality, the cabins combine rustic materials with modern architecture to create a seamless fusion with the surrounding landscape. 

Muffet Sta Maria

Dotting over the hilltop property are six cabins of varying layouts but sharing the ambiance of a calm bucolic lifestyle, and a main farmhouse called Matahum. Each cottage was named from different words taken from Tagalog, Cebuano and Hiligaynon languages, such as Amihan, Hiraya, Bahaghari, Maharika, Malipayon and Marahuyo.

Sophie Gianan

Half of the cabins comes with small private pools while the rest comes with added fabulous views by being perched on grounds with elevated viewpoints.

Raschella Velayo

The cabin’s interiors are lavished with mostly wooden materials, finished with floor to ceiling sliding glass doors, and covered with nipa thatched roofs. Other features include a private bath, a loft and a veranda that opens to the majestic views of the mountains and the lake.

Desmond Farms

The property is managed and owned by Desmond Farm and Partners Inc (DFPI). It is a corporation composed of farmers and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who pooled together an investment in developing an organic farm that produces high-quality cacao beans.

Mica Tuano

"Since the management saw the need for a guest house to accommodate our various stakeholders who want to visit the farm, few have been carefully constructed," said Desmond Farm's Corporate Secretary Kaiselle C. Atun. "After experiencing themselves, the beauty of the nature surrounding the farm, and recognizing the importance of promoting sound agricultural practices, DFPI started offering the cabins and opening its farm gates to the public.” Atun adds.

Farm to Table Produce

Guests of Farm Ridge by Desmond Farm can also enjoy the farm’s fresh produce that are available upon visitor’s request ranging from vegan and keto-friendly meals, to cacao-based sweets and pastries.

Koryn Iledan

A small shop is also located on the ground floor of the Matahum farmhouse where you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits, pigeon peas, assorted peanuts, Choco nutri nibs, chocolate peanut spread, and different flavors of chocolate bars made from the cacao harvested in the farm.

Geneloves Acosta

Farm Ridge also offers farming activities to its guests particularly in learning how to plant and harvest cacao by taking them to the farm’s cacao plantation located a few distances away from the hilltop cabins.

Katrina Manahan

Plans for the immediate future include the construction of a café where diners can relish the 360-degree view of the striking waving tips of the Sierra Madre and its adjacent rolling hills down to the calm waters of Pantabangan Lake.


These are the rates according to their website Farm Ridge PH but are still subject to change especially if the property is running a promotional sale. So, be sure to check their social media posts on their Facebook page for any discounted booking rates.

Where to stay in Nueva Ecija

The Matahum Farm House - 3,000 pesos

Maharlika Cabin - Currently for renovation

Amihan Cabin - 3,000 pesos

Malipayon Cabin - 4,500 pesos

Bahaghari Cabin - 4,500 pesos

Hiraya Cabin - 3,500 pesos

Marahuyo Cabin - 7,000 pesos

What to Expect?

A memorable time, pleasant weather—like Baguio or Sagada feels—good food, friendly staff (most are former farmers trained by the management to learn hospitality housekeeping and kitchen skills) and a satisfying hot cup of hot tsokolate.

Clarice Capili

Our trip to Farm Ridge by Desmond Farms was made possible by NLEX Corporation who recently organized a mini Lakbay Norte trip to Nueva Ecija. Participated by travel writers from both the print and digital media, the journey to the province known as the ‘rice granary of the Philippines’ aims to promote other budding destinations worth visiting.