Best 5 Things to Do on Your First Visit to San Diego


San Diego is a popular tourist attraction for travelers from all around the world. Anyone can find something of their liking. San Diego offers various activities and beautiful places to visit. Due to the abundance of things you can do, finding the top things to do on your first visit to San Diego is tough. That’s why we have created this article to help everyone new to San Diego who doesn't know what to do on their first visit. From enjoying bay cruises to participating in golf games, riding bikes, and sightseeing.

San Diego Boardwalk. 

Let’s explore the city of San Diego and its main must-visit places and activities!

Enjoy a Bay Cruise

Renowned for its fantastic beaches, San Diego has golden sand shores and idyllic blue waves. Indeed, there are hundreds of cruise options of various prices and sights. It all depends on how much time you have for that, how much money you intend to spend on it, and what you want to see. The most popular type of cruise is the whale-watching cruise, and San Diego is famous for that activity. Other cruises are mainly intended for sightseeing in well-known landmarks. In addition, bay cruises can be the best way to try local dishes and luxury dinners while enjoying new places.

Ride a Bike and Sightsee

What else can you do for sightseeing? Ride a bike and explore the beauty of this city. Biking along the attractive streets and neighborhoods is popular in San Diego. Besides, it is pretty accessible: Coronado Bike Rentals are there to help! Cycling can be your favorite activity and will allow you to feel this charming place's whole atmosphere.

Participate in a Golf Game

San Diego has all the suitable conditions for playing golf. Starting from round-year good weather to dozens of golf courses, it is a favourite place for players. Even if you don’t like playing, you can attend interesting golf competitions.

Except for being a prestigious place to play or watch golf matches, everyone can observe the gorgeous beauty of the main courses: Balboa Park Golf Course, Mission Bay Golf Course, and Torrey Pines Golf Course.

Create Your Travel Video

If you want to remember everything experienced in San Diego, the best thing you can do is capturing every moment. Creating a video of your adventures is the best way to end every journey. Take pictures of scenic views, fun activities, and local dishes: this is a decision you will never regret. San Diegos picturesque sceneries will suit perfectly in any video.


So, as you can see, there are a lot of cool things to do on the First Visit in San Diego. First and very high-recommended thing is taking a cruise. San Diego offers various cruise options to choose from. The second activity is cycling along the Coronado city. Then, if you’re a sports lover, you can try different golf activities starting from playing to watching games. And finally, you should try creating a video, or even a movie of your adventures in San Diego, to remember your first visit.