Three of the Best Cycling Routes in Southern Spain


Spain is a country of truly diverse landscapes – whether you are seeking coastlines or mountain peaks, forests or city streets, you'll find it. Southern Spain might usually be visited by those who wish for beachside relaxation, but it can be enjoyed even more by taking to the roads and exploring some of the adventurous and picturesque cycle routes.


While there are many amazing routes, we have chosen three of the most sensational options across three different landscapes that take you out of the most well-known spots and give you a new view of your favorite holiday destination.

Make the Puerto de la Virgen climb in Almería

Less popular with tourists than some other spots along the southern coast of Spain, Almería is nestled between the more well-known areas of Granada and Murcia. This makes Almería feel like your own secret paradise, with temperate winter weather and plenty to explore on foot – such as the charming city of Mojácar, which sits between the city and the sea.


For cyclists, the peaceful roads are a true blessing – you can transition from coastal towns to more remote areas in no time at all. If you want to get away from the towns, one of the most iconic routes in the Almería area is the roughly thirty-five mile climb you can make up the Puerto de la Virgen. Less than ninety minutes by car from Mojácar, this is a route for more experienced cyclists.


The climb begins at Uleila del Campo, and you will travel through charming villages as you ascend this challenging route. You will also get to experience the amazing Valley of the Blocks on your descent, which has some truly unique and impressive rock formations. For those who want to enjoy fantastic photo opportunities and a once-in-a-lifetime cycling adventure, then this route will not disappoint.

Take a circular route around Málaga

Málaga is a wonderful choice for you if you are planning a winter getaway to Southern Spain that features plenty of cycling. Typically known for playing host to the tourist haven of the Costa del Sol, you can see more of the area by cycling an easy and undemanding route.


Hop on your bicycle and go east from the city centre to take in some of the best coastal scenery in a circular route of around 20 miles. The path will take you past the Playa Malagueta beach, with its pale sand and sparkling blue waters. If you would rather glance inland, then you will see the rolling hills and greenery that surround the cityscape.


You will continue through La Cala de Moral, the quaint and traditional fishing village near the city, and you can take a break to enjoy the fruits of the ocean or just spot places you want to come back to during your stay in Málaga. This route is easy riding and it is perfect for when you want to appreciate both the city and the sea.

Cycle a mountainous peak in Sierra Nevada

If coastal leisure isn’t quite your pace and you want to reach new heights on your cycle route, then head to the Sierra de Lújar mountains in the Sierra Nevada. These high, rocky and majestic mountains provide the perfect routes for those who love gravel trails, and the unique landscape is well worth the effort. As they are the tallest mountains in Spain, you'll also have some serious bragging rights if you make this cycle route your mission.


Heading out from Orgiva, you can cycle up the Sierra de Lújar as long as you are prepared for a real adventure. This track is steep enough to keep the most experienced mountain bikers interested, and the roughly 20-mile climb is as rewarding as it is challenging.


Once you ascend to the top, you might not receive a trophy for your hard work – but instead, you will be able to take in a glorious view of the Sierra Nevada, enjoying the mountain range in a way that is impossible without making this climb. It is especially stunning at sunset, when you can see the real majesty and natural beauty of Andalucia.


Spain is a safe country for cyclists, with many Vias Verdes (greenways) for those who wish to use dedicated cycle routes rather than riding on the roads. Whichever of these cycle routes you choose to take during your holiday in southern Spain, you will be sure to see plenty of natural beauty and get a glimpse of authentic Spanish life. Take it at your own pace and explore these wonderful locations, whether you are challenging yourself to cycle through mountains or enjoying a leisurely coastal ride.