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Getting a Dose of Vitamin D and Sea at Malamawi Beach | Basilan

December 04, 2021


Since the Covid-19 pandemic restricted myself from receiving my usual double dose of Vitamin D and Sea, it made my trip to Malamawi Beach two-folds memorable — not to mention visiting the province of Basilan for the first time. As part of Tourism Promotion Board of the Philippines’ Influencers Program aimed at promoting destinations in the Philippines to restart an industry hit hard by the pandemic, I joined other travel writers, bloggers, and vloggers on a trip to Zamboanga Peninsula. After spending a night in Zamboanga City, we boarded a ferry for a 2-hour sea journey to Basilan. Among the places we visited upon arriving was Malamawi Beach.

The clear waters of Malamawi Beach in Basilan
The inviting waters of Malamawi Beach

A Surreal Moment at the Great Pyramid of Giza | Egypt

November 27, 2021

"Forward! Remember that from these monuments yonder 40 centuries look down upon you", Napoleon Bonaparte declared to his troops as they geared for the Battle of the Pyramids on July 1798. Indeed, the history of the great pyramids goes back to one the earliest civilizations on Earth. This fact made my experience of being there feel more surreal in real life. I remember looking at the pyramids with wide-eye wonder while standing motionless, as I lost myself in a spectacular now kind of moment. There is no better way to cap our Holy Land trip than a chance to see the Great Pyramid of Giza up close.

Marky Ramone Go jumping in front of the pyramid of Giza
Jumping for joy is an understatement

In the Presence of National Living Treasure Apuh Ambalang Ausalin | Basilan

November 10, 2021


It doesn’t happen everyday that I get to wake up in a new and unfamiliar place. Yet here I am stirring into consciousness from a deep slumber in the province of Basilan. A full day has passed since I stepped out of a ferry ship from Zamboanga and shattering my previous misconceptions about this province.

Sophie Gianan, Jomie Naynes, and Levy Amosin watches a Yakan weaver weave her magic
One of Apu Ambalang's Magtetenum (weaver)

Lakbay Norte Highpoints Must-See Places in Nueva Ecija

November 02, 2021


As it enters its 10th year, the #NLEXLakbayNorte continues to promote more tourist destinations in Northern Luzon. However, due to the global pandemic, the usual 5-6 day caravan across several provinces is curtailed to a shorter trip focusing on just one province. This writer of Nomadic Experiences and Out of Town Blog was recently invited to participate in the 2-day familiarization tour of Nueva Ecija. Following IATF-enforced safety protocols, we explored other must-visit places in the province known as the “rice granary of the Philippines”.

Melissa Ferrer looks at the view of Sierra Madre
One of several IG-mable spots in Forest Garden

The Hilltop Cabins of Farm Ridge by Desmond Farm in Nueva Ecija

October 27, 2021


Socially distance yourself from the hustle and bustle of Manila by taking a 3-hour drive to this part of Nueva Ecija where one can wake up to a sea of clouds and the humming of birds. Nestled on the slopes of the Sierra Madre mountains and overlooking the calm waters of Pantabangan lake are a set of cabins that gorgeously blends with the surrounding nature.

Jomie Naynes

Where to eat in Zamboanga City | Curacha Crabs and more at Alavar Seafood Restaurant

October 25, 2021


No visit to Zamboanga City is complete without sampling Alavar Seafood Restaurant's Curacha — a giant deep-sea spanner crab half the size of a human face — drowning with the restaurant’s signature Alavar sauce. Feasting on it are both satisfying and messy at the same time. Using your bare hands, crack the shell open to expose the thick and juicy meat inside, then glaze it with Zamboanga’s famous culinary sauce and viola. You’ll be surprised at how many crabs you have licked and sucked clean in the end.

Mishy Co

Where to Eat in Nueva Ecija | Tambayan ni Berto in Colosboa Hills, Cuyapo

October 19, 2021


Mountain bikers and motorcyclists alike are flocking to the rugged hills of Colosboa in Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija. This is because of the terrain's snaking dirt tracks that would delight any two-wheeled rider, as well as the beautiful countryside scenery. However, as the host of a TV shopping show would say, "but wait, there's more". Because Colosboa Hills is also home to a bike and souvenir shop, a rustic bar called Hill's View, and a foodie hangout place called Tambayan ni Berto. 


Melissa Ferrer

Stonehill Farms Ipil: a picturesque road trip stop | Zamboanga Sibugay

September 28, 2021


While in the midst of our culinary exploration of Zamboanga Peninsula and on our way to more Hilom (wellness) and Habi (weaving) discovery, we passed by a province I’ve never been to before: Zamboanga Sibugay. Only a few days from ticing Basilan as my 75th province visited in the Philippines, I stared intently at the window of our van to amass much scenery of this new province while wondering if I could check mark it already. However, I have a personal rule that if I don’t stop to either eat, pee or sleep, it doesn’t count. Good thing though—despite having a hearty breakfast already—our group stopped for another round of breakfast at this hilltop property in Ipil called Stonehill Farms.

Marky Ramone Go
Trying to get a closer look of Buluan Island in Sibugey Bay

Lunch Situation at Bulingan Falls | Lamitan City, Basilan

September 25, 2021


A feast of a brunch consisting of mouth-watering Tausug and Sama delicacies on a floating cottage, followed by a beachfront banquet with curacha crabs and other fresh seafood catch, made for one memorable first day in Basilan. It goes without saying that I expected our lunch the next day would be equally fulfilling - and it indeed was.

Alyanna Bromeo swims in Bulingan Falls
The water was murky because of the rain the night before

How La Union’s Woven Baskets Became one of Kultura’s best sellers

September 19, 2021

 La Union woman championing SMEs development, collaborates with SM Kultura to bring opportunity knocking to several communities during the pandemic

After leaving a high-paying job in a HK-based exporting company more than 25 years ago, Helen Rulloda never doubted she was making the right decision. Driven by a strong faith that she’s headed to her path of true calling, she eventually stumbled into a little-known handicraft trade in her home province. Recognizing the beauty of an industry where generation to generation handing down of artisan weaving skills persist, Helen seized the occasion to answer her calling.

Regene Ong
Helen Rulloda