Sendong Donation Drive: Donate Your Money and These are Yours

I'm putting these three items for auction and 100% will go directly to the "Sendong victims" in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City. You don't have to pay me directly, rather I would want you to donate the amount to this link: One For Iligan and CDO: Help the Typhoon Sendong Victims. It is a one stop donation website set up by the Iligan Bloggers. 

Here are the steps for this mini-auction

1. Make a bid - starting amount is stated below each image.
2. Auction ends as long as there's a few bidders already. 
3. Highest bidder will have to donate the said amount to the link provided: 
4. Once you donated, an email confirmation from the Iligan bloggers will be sent to you.
5. Email me that confirmation email at:
6. Then the said item is yours.

* you can send your bid at my email:
* Its alright to haggle, important thing is we raise some funds.

ITEM # 1: Nissin Speedlite Di622 - latest bid is at 3,500 pesos


 ITEM # 2: Fisheye 2 Film Camera - latest bid is at 1,601


 ITEM # 3: A Jack Kerouac Scroll Version of "On The Road" - latest bid is at 1k


Rest assured all your donations will reach the victims themselves. This is in cooperation with the awesome people of Iligan and CDO.

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