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"♫♪♫ I belong with you, you belong with me you're my sweetheart
I belong with you, you belong with me you're my sweet (Ho!) ♫♪♫"

Sings the fairy as he flapped his wings in rapid motion, unseen by the object of his desire–a beautiful girl staring, jaw dropped in fascination at the blue colored waters of what of "Enchanted River". The male love-stuck fairy dishes a magical spell but everytime he points his wand towards the girl, it emits a sound of "pfffft". The other fairies laughed at him in jest unison. The earthly woman took off her outer clothing revealing a two piece suit that further outlines her vivacious curves. The Romeo wannabe fairy meanwhile, resigned to the fact that his world can never blend with that of the woman. As he sat idle on a little stone, tears flowed down his eyes wondering how it feels like to be a human in the Earthly world.

Eileen Campos as fairy lover

Back in our world.

Enchanted River is located at Barangay Talisay at Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. It is actually closer to Butuan  City than Surigao City. After half an hour of roller coaster habal-habal ride, we arrived at our location. We were one of the earliest visitors that day, the river wasn't still crawling with swimmers. I sat down and stared at the river just about the size of a half of a football field. The shimmery slow moving blue waters and the visible limestone underneath creates a surreal unearthly appearance. I was quickly reminded of the imaginative world from the many fantasy books written by Terry Pratchett.

Eileen Campos

The Enchanted River is like a giant bowl, with the deepest part on the center and shallower sections stretching towards the mouth of the river, where it eventually meets the open sea. Because the river is connected to the ocean, visitors can head out on an island hopping tour, which we did that morning. We spent the next hour and a half on the boat passing by a fish sanctuary slash hostel in the middle of the sea called, "C-Fish Cage N Sand Bars Resort". We also docked into a couple of small islands, however If you have been to Coron, Palawan or even El Nido, you won't awed much by the island hopping part. I suggest you might just wanna spend all of your time lounging at the Enchanted River.

Eileen Campos

Our last destination is called Margaret Island Peak. Its a small island with a curvy hill and on top, you can regale at the panoramic view of the Pacific ocean. This place might have salvaged our brief island hopping trip which cost us 240 pesos for the boat rental. ( maximum of four people / 1 and 1/2 hour - not bad!)

Eileen Campos

When we went back to Enchanted river an hour and a half later, we went to the nearby fresh seafood stalls located outside and bought crabs and pusit for our lunch. We also had it cooked right then and there. While Nathalie awaits for our lunch to be served, Gael and I quickly went for a swim. Since it was a holiday, the place slowly filled up with people. 

Eileen Campos

The river was so deep I was trying to look under and all I could see are ray of lights reflecting against luminously against the limestone rocks and a seemingly endless color blue. In the middle part though, a huge crack is visible on a large boulder like an open wound on a flesh. Its opening, I assume, leads to the deepest part of the river. I heard stories about scuba divers who tried exploring it but came up with no definite answer as to how deep the enchanted river really reaches underneath.

Maybe underneath, one can find a gateway to another world. Perhaps Enchanted River is a gateway to an alternate reality and in some twist and turns, got mixed up with our own world. Alright, I'm stretching my imagination there. Whatever, I'm glad I was finally able to see it for myself. I really do not know if it summoned a sense of enchantment, but the experience and the sight of it left me really fascinated. 

The fairy took his eye of the Earthly woman and when he saw her again she was talking to man, with twinkle in her eyes he saw a picture of a girl madly in love. Soon the Earthly woman nudged the man and off they both jumped into the waters of the enchanted river. The fairy, instead of feeling jealous, became visibly pleased as to what he has witnessed. He flew over and stretched his wings, tried his wand again and instead of producing a sound of "pfffft" it sounded a like an off key G-minor and next thing he knew he was swimming at the center of enchanted river as an Earthly creature as he could ever be. 

Eileen Campos

"How deep you think this is" asks the beautiful woman.
"Uhm you were talking to me" says the fairy who has now became an Earthly creature
"Yes, who do you think I am talking to" answers the woman.
"This river is never-ending, its deepness cannot be measured" says the former fairy prince.
"Fair enough, my brother was kidding me that it leads to another world, that's why they call it Enchanted River" said the woman.
"Your brother? I though he was your lover" a beaming artist formerly known as the fairy prince said with delight.
"Nah, he's my silly brother" said the girl. "My name is Eileen by the way, you are?"
"Oh, mine is uhhhm Marky" 
"Nice to meet you Marky" said Eileen.

He looks around and saw his fellow fairies scratching their head wondering what the hell he's doing as an Earthly creature. One of them tries pointing his wand towards him, but an elderly fairy stopped him and said "Let him see and feel for himself what the Earth world is like"....