My Own Private Pool: A Biri (Island) Rock Preview

I was waiting for the sunset, hoping I could take some photographs of the rock formations against a fiery red sky. I decided against it when I saw this natural pool below the Macadlaw rock formation. I put down my backpack and set up the tripod, stripped my shirt and slowly waded into the pool. At a short distance away, I could hear the waves wailing as it crashes into the rocky barriers, each sending a powerful stream of saltwater flying up in the air. I turned around and planted my feet, my sun-burned body wholly dipped in the clear blue water. I stared ahead towards the sea and counted each apparition of stunning white splashing water, each getting bigger and higher until it comes down on me like raindrops. 

I stayed there for like 45 minutes. I had the place for myself, my guide Orlando who is keenly interested in photography took my camera to practice with it and wandered around the rock formation. It felt like being in another planet, the surface alone, of these rock formations creates a lunar like image. Loneliness sets in briefly for a few seconds while I imagined my friends sitting around the rocks with beers in hand and engaged in lively conversations. 

I looked around and saw no one. It was surprising to notice the absence of a crowd, since earlier that day, the next-door rock formation, the Bel-at was filled with both locals and other travelers. Little kids played on the natural pools while the others gathered around for lunch. 

It was a scene of desolation. Of me and the rampaging waves dissolving in the air and its remnants kisses me as scattered drops. I slowly felt my body aches, brought about by two days of navigating the slippery and hard slopes of the rock formations, being relieved by the cold water. The scene was surreal, like I'm in a different world within this world.

I saw my guide, Orlando as he went back from his short photo-walk, he snaps some pictures of me, timing it with patience so he can capture the breaking waves in the background. He gives me a thumbs up sign and I saw him smile as he looks at the camera and previews the image. I've forgotten about the sunset and so do a million other things that clouded my mind before. I smiled at the sky and fervently wishes someone I hold special was there with me. It wasn't meant to be and a feeling of loneliness crept back for a few seconds. Before I said to myself, there will be days like the ones in the past and a day like this. I had no reason to complain. 

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