A Gastronomical Roundabout at La Union Without Dr. Hannibal

During our recent weekend stay at the Circle Hostel in La Union, we were not only duped into getting ourselves drunk by agreeing to play a seemingly harmless, but super fun drinking game called "random games, random games" (you don't say it aloud with a poker face, you chant it out like the other half of the Bushwackers). We were also hogtied, dragged into a van and was forcibly fed with weight-watching battering and diet killing, sumptuous and delicious meals. Its safe to say that it was a case of kidnapping nobody wants to file any charges.

Urbiztondo Grill - Photo by: Kaiye Pallarco of the Two Broke Girls
Upon arrival at the Circle Hostel we rested briefly before our group headed to Urbiztondo Grill House, which is located along the National Highway. It is actually the landmark to look for when you're planning to stay at the Circle Hostel as it is a mere 55 meters walking distance from each other. They treated us as kidnap victims from a royal family by serving us most of their all-time favorites such as: Chicken Cordon Bleu, Grilled Pusit, Sinigang, Pinakbet and Kare-kare. We were 'galit-galit' for a while, until the ebb of conversations flowed along the lines of Aleah's groping experience in India, Lois' hand-made mosquito repellent discovery in Sri Lanka, to each one's surfing experiences (if any) and a slight reference to this romantic turbulence up in the air.

Thunderbird Resort - Photo by: Kaiye Pallarco of the Two Broke Girls
After a failed attempt to surf brought upon by the flat waters condition of the sea, we lounged around the hostel while the other group went snorkeling. During the afternoon we hanged out at the beach where we witnessed the amazing sunset over San Juan. Come dinner time we were yet again fooled into thinking to just going for a 'leisurely walk' instead we ended up at the cozy Thunderbird Resorts at Poro Point, La Union. The whole resort was modeled after the famous Santorini houses in Greece. The friendly staff even showed us around one of its villas. Afterward, we were taken into the open air dining area and once again tortured with so much food. Weapons of mass-hunger-pleasing dishes were spread out on the buffet table. Italian pastas, to Japanese dishes like sashimi, califonia maki, tempura to brownies, cakes and mochis for deserts went directly to each of our plates. It definitely was, a great preparation coming into the night's drinking game.

Kahuna Beach Resort - Photo by: Kaiye Pallarco of the Two Broke Girls
The next morning and the sea was still flat. That means - no surfing yet. The girls did some yoga, while others painted their favorite quotes around the Circle Hostel. After a night of drinking games and stargazing at the beach, we just chilled around the cozy hostel. During brunch we headed to nearby Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa . What better way to eat out all together while enjoying the view of the beach. A platter of grilled seafood, binagoongan and kilawin were served to us while the Indiana Pacers were beating the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Final in the NBA. That made the brunch doubly fun for me. (I know, the Heat will eventually win the NBA title a few weeks later).

It was a great weekend chilling (and pigging out) with old and new found friends alike. It had me seriously considering taking up the hobby of surfing (I know I can't swim) in the near future.

Urbiztondo Grill House
along National Highway
For reservations you may call them at:
242-2579 /242-2580  / 0905-6038023

Thunderbird Resorts La Union
Poro Point Freeport Zone, San Fernando City, La Union
For reservations and to learn more about some of their buffet promos, you can call:
(072) 888-7777

Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa
National Highway, Brgy Urbiztondo, San Juan La Union
For reservations and more information:
Tel. No.: (072) 607-1040