Pedicab Tours | A Unique Way of Exploring New York City's Central Park

In the urban park of the “City that never sleeps”, you can tour around by foot, bike, pedicab and horse carriages. When you find renting a horse carriage a bit expensive, traveling by foot or pedaling a bike exhausting, then I’d suggest taking a pedicab ride. So, below, I’ve listed the things you may need to know, as well as tips on how not to get ripped off, when you take a pedicab ride in Central Park:

Convenient for you and your Family

Central Park Pedicab Tour in New York City allows you to sit comfortably, relax, and enjoy the tour. You’ll have a reserved energy during the tour. Since you have your own driver, you’ll be able to take selfies without looking really tired. You’ll no longer have to worry about your elderly and kids taking a long walk.

Can Fit your Schedule and Travel Preferences

When you have a schedule to follow or can only squeeze a one or two-hour tour around the area, the Central Park Pedicab Tour in NYC will take you to key tourist spots and help you maximize your time. Many pedicab services even allow a customized tour plan.

Many pedicab services that offer tours for more or less 30 minutes to 4 hours. You can request which sites you can go visit first or which sites you want to be visited last. Or, you can customize the plan by listing the places you do not want to miss. Some even offer a tour which includes snacks and time to have a lovely picnic.

Enthusiastic Driver/Tour Guide 

You’ll have a driver slash tour guide during your Pedicab Tour. They are energetic and enthusiastic. They can share with you the colorful history of New York, fascinating movie facts, and may even point houses where celebrities live.

Support Pedicab Transport Services

Leaving footprints on tourist destinations can be meaningful when you know in a way that you’ve contributed to local’s small businesses. Even as a tourist, you can’t find words to express how you appreciate their services or product sold by small businesses, buying their products or services may already mean a lot. This is similar when you take a Central Park Pedicab Tour in NYC.

Regulated by New York City Government

You cannot get easily ripped off by pedicab drivers if you know the New York City’s regulations. Although New York does not set an exact rate these drivers should charge, the law of NYC specifically states that the pedicabs can only charge per minute only, not per block.

So, before you take the pedicab ride, make sure that they’ll give you the specific rate per minute plus tax. Make sure to get the drivers name, id and plate number, if possible. When booking online pedicab tours, don’t forget to read the customer’s feedback.

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