Where to Stay: Nong Kiau Riverside | Laos

Sandwiching our almost week-long Luang Prabang blogger’s trip sponsored by Destination Mekong, was a two-day jaunt to a rustic village three-hours away. The town of Nong Khiaw situates in a picturesque countryside on the banks of the Ou River and squeezed by saw-toothed limestone peaks. So where did our host billet us? Of course, in a water's edge property called Nong Kiau Riverside.

the welcome sign of Nong Kiau Riverside

Although missing my temporary home in Luang Prabang; Satri House—where I stayed for four nights prior to this stop—I welcomed a change of scenery and what better way than in a place with a veranda opening to the view of the mighty Ou River.

the veranda of Nong Kiau Riverside

Nong Kiau Riverside: Solitude with Nature

This riverside resort have 15 bungalows spread along the river's ridge, each having a spacious 40 square meter floor size. All comes with a private balcony and an amply-sized bathroom. The wooden interiors gives a feeling of blending with the nature more. There is no air-conditioned units—which is a good thing—and you won't need it as the wind from the river is cool enough (there's a fan you can use during summer).

Marky Ramone Go's room in Nong Kiau Riverside

My bungalow is at the number 12, so I’ve to walk a couple hundred meters to reach it. I don’t mind though, as the walkway passes through a pleasant flowery garden and towering trees like hiking deep into the forest.

Hiking to the Mist-Veiled Mount Pha Daeng

The nature-friendliness of Nong Kiau Riverside made me feel at home in an instant. It was like one of my camping experiences of the old days of being so close to nature, only this time, instead of a tent, I am sleeping in a cozy room.

I had a wonderful sleep giving me more than 8 hours to generate much-needed energy for our next day’s activity: hiking the nearby Mount Pha Daeng (narrative of that hike can be read here).

Marky Ramone Go chilling in Nong Kiau Riverside

Aside from the guided trekking tour, the resort also offers river kayaking, town immersions and cycling.

Things to do in Nong Kiau Riverside

We also visited the Pha Toke Cave situated 2 kilometers east. This historic cave was where the Pathet Lao forces had their base during the Vietnam War—which spilled to Laos—in the late 60s and 70s. Other activities include: tube rafting upstream the Ou River, visiting local temples, fishing and even watching a movie at a town cinema.

Over-all, I find my experience at Nong Kiau Riverside very pleasant. The food was good—authentic Laotian food and not westernized—as well as the service from the jovial staff who always have smiles on their faces. It is a place I wouldn’t mind staying in again especially if given a chance to explore the Northern part of Laos.

Marky Ramone Go in Nong Kiau Riverside

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