Have a Guilt-free Meal at these Vegan Places in Teacher’s Village, QC

More and more people are choosing to embrace the vegan lifestyle not only to become healthier but also to advocate cruelty-free eating. Doing so, believers of greener dining habits are shattering previous misconceptions about veganism: “vegan food doesn’t taste good”, “there aren’t many vegan options” and so on. Thanks to them and the growing number of vegan places in the country, more people are learning that vegan food isn’t that bad at all. In fact, it has spawned creative dishes that provide memorable gastronomic experiences.

Known Vegan traveler Celine Murillo of Celineism shows off sticks of Vegan Isaw
So, if you live in Metro Manila and you want to try out some vegan food, then you might want to try out these places in Teacher’s Village in Quezon City.

Likha Diwa Vegetarian Café

1 Lt. J. Francisco, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Photo from Likha Diwa Instagram
A great way of reloading after a grueling jog around UP oval is to dine at this rustic sit-down nook located along CP Garcia in Krus Na Ligas in QC. The Zen vibe of Likha Diwa is also the ideal place to dine with friends and try out classic favorites such as the: crispy & crunchy mushroom & tofu, shitake strips, vegan palabok, vegchon kawali, cauliflower Buffalo wings, vegan curry. They also serve vegan burgers, pancit, brewed Kalinga coffee, soya drinks and more. If you are looking to transition to vegan, then Likha Diwa will definitely introduce you to the appetizing world of veganism.

Van Gogh is Bipolar (Light)

154 Maginhawa, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Veggie Salad with Mushroom 
One of the most—if not the—outlandish dining places in Metro Manila, Van Gogh is Bipolar not only serves an array of interesting dishes, they also provides an unequivocal mood-boosting banqueting experience. As they expanded their space, they now let guests choose from “dark’’ or “light” meals—with the latter denoting vegan-friendly. Next door from the original VGIB, is a Narnia-type of wardrobe door that leads you inside a brighter ambient chamber. A hand washing ritual followed by serving of tea (based on your preferred mood) brewed over a teapot of your choice (from their selection) serves as a fascinating precursor to the main course which you can select from their feasts sets: Classic, Experience, Signature, Lovers and Great Supper. All feasts are composed of 100% bio-natural ingredients.

Veggie Guys at Malingap Central

1101 Malingap, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101 Metro Manila

These are all vegan food
Veggie Guys is a small stall located inside Malingap Central Food Hall. This is a good place to try out vegan versions of your favorite comfort food such as Vegan Isaw, taco rice, oyster mushroom fries, vegan shrimp, and Tofu rice sisig to go along with fresh fruit smoothies and shake. They also set-up “Pop-up” kitchens, so make sure to check their Facebook page to know where they will uhm, pop-up next.

Pipino Veg

39 Malingap, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101 Metro Manila

Photo from Pipino Veg Instagram
Pipino Veg is another all-time vegan favorite dining place that elevates locally-harvested vegetables and fruits into creative Pinoy vegan dishes. They serve a wide array of choices from fresh fruit beverages, to salads to starters, burgers, desserts and main course. Some of their inventive vegan dishes are buffalo cauliflower wings, potato chilaquiles, lentil Bolognese, langka bbq, tofu scramble, cauli-bangus, pinakbet risotto, tofu satay and many more.


33 Malingap, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101 Metro Manila

Photo from IndulgePH Instagram
As its name suggests, it easily is a place to enjoy the pleasure of dining on vegan food. As the “Philippines first all-vegan pizzeria“, Indulge is a great spot to dine out with friends while enjoying a plate or two of some of their freshly baked pizzas like the El Pescado, Holy Smokes, Veef Shawarma, Cheezy Peppero-Nice, Panopoulus and more—to go along—with appetizing finger vegan food such as broccoli bites, seaweed fritters, potato wedges, vork belly, vegan pasta and more. Top it all with a fun game of cards against humanity.

Do you have something to add up to this list of Vegan Places in Quezon City? Let us know in the comment section.