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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ayubowan Sri Lanka: A Quick Roundup

Here I am sipping a hot cup of Dilmah tea on a gloomy afternoon. I know for sure that It will take a while before I start writing in lengthy narrative about my Sri Lanka trip. I'm still simmering the wonderful memories on my mind. It's been quite a year so far, after India I have no idea I would double-up on it with a follow-up trip to this beautiful tear-drop shaped nation brimming with cultural and historical wealth, capped off by its friendly people. Other than the 5 kilos of tea which I brought home, I am more grateful to amassing a new set of perception that finally replaced the image of the brutal civil war I used to associate with Sri Lanka. 


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mad About Thali Meals in India

It was at Agra, our third city stop in India where I looked behind me and saw the couple seated next table relishing an interesting looking plate filled with varying dishes. We asked the waiter what it was. "That is Thali ma'am and sir" replied the amiable restaurant staff. Without further ado, I ordered one for myself while Aileen, still worried about contracting diarrhea ordered something else. For starters like myself, Thali (means 'plate') is an Indian and Nepali meal that consists of varying dishes like vegetable curry dish, dal, rice, papad and curd or yogurt and is served on a large round plate.  

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

When an Accommodating Phony Tourism Officer Turned Hotheaded at Istiqlal Mosque

After my temple run concluded in Yogyakarta, I went back to Jakarta for a couple of days before my Cebu Pacific flight back to Manila. At the hostel I met two other Filipinas who became my accidental tourist buddies. Since we're all going home the same night, we decided to spend our last day just roaming the city aboard a tuktuk, stopping for some sights and shopping along the way. After walking out of the National Monument park (Merdeka Square), we were approached by a thin middle age man wearing blue slacks and tucked in polo, introducing himself as an employee of the local tourism office.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hanoi Spring Roll and a Conversation through Google Translation

One of the many amazing things about traveling is the opportunity to meet new people on the road. During my trip to Hanoi I met Hoang, a cheerful woman who works at one of the many Sihn Tourist offices in the city. Recommended by another traveler friend Jerik, I sought her out after I arrived to avail of a Halong Bay and Sapa tours. We met and conducted business but by the end of our transaction she unexpectedly extended an invitation for me to join her and some friends for a dinner at her place. Shy and feeling a bit paranoid brought on by a number of Asian gore movies, a series of images involving hack saw, chains and giant hammers flashed before me. "Hello Mark, you want to come yes?" as Hoang tapped me on my arm with a glistening smile and I was back to real world. "Sure, what time? I would love to go" I told her.