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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sta Cruz Island, Zamboanga | More than a 'Pretty in Pink' Kind of Beach

The idea of walking over the pretty pink sands of Sta Cruz Island in Zamboanga City not only had me LSS-ing on a classic Psychedelic Furs song and recounting a young Molly Ringwald, it also injected a shot of enthusiasm through my spine. And no thanks to a couple of cancelled Zamboanga trips in the past, I finally found myself blissfully seated on a small boat with my eyes staring ahead to the spread out patched of glistening shoreline enveloped by hues of green flora in the not so far distant. I while away the time listening to the engine revving of the boat, as if it was a soundtrack to the opening of yet another must-watch short travel film. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Cassie De Pecol Shares Her 7 Favorite Destinations

After becoming the first female to visit all the countries on our planet, Cassie De Pecol decided to share her 7 favorite destinations.

Cez and Agness from eTramping.com, an adventure travel blog that provides unique travel tips and interesting facts about destinations across the whole globe, were particularly inspired by the story of Cassie De Pecol, a young woman who has been to every country in the world. Since both of them are experienced travelers, it only makes sense that they take local advice from other adventurers like Cassie.

From Cassie De Pecol's Facebook Page

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Standing on the Shoulders of Isla de Gigantes

A 3-hour sleep removed from walking on the rain drenched streets of Iloilo City, I found myself inside a van with a few friends heading to a group of scattered but positively raved Islas in the Western Visayas Sea. A few hours of land travel followed before I stood staring at the radiant skies above. To think, Mia was having doubts earlier in the evening of pushing through because of the bad weather in Iloilo - the sight that greeted us at the port of Carles screams of a setting perfect for romping over pure and glistening sands with a beer in hand.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Paoay, Ilocos Norte | Charging at the Mad Max Vibe of La Paz Sand Dunes

Yohooooo, Kuya be kind to us” she shouted at the driver of the 4x4 truck as we make sure our hands were gripped into the handlebar like glue. We were just about to go over the first mound of sand almost 30 feet high when she issued that reminder. Not that kuya had a habit of giving a flying eff of slowing down, it’s just that he follows to heart the unwritten rule of the faster, the better. He then accelerated the truck into a dizzying speed, shaking the four of us huddled at the back. The engine struggled a little going to the apex of the hill but once gravity took over, hellacious yells from my female companions almost busted my eardrums. As we slid through the downhill path like one of those post-apocalyptic vehicles driven by looneys in Mad Max films, I felt a different kind of rush.