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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Few Good Days at Railay (Rai Leh) Beach

The vibe and the scenery surrounding Railay reminds me of the many beautiful islands in the Philippines but with Thai food and more tourists. Shrugging the resemblance aside as a no-biggie, I feel excited bout being here. The fact that I am now one step closer to visiting Maya Bay, a majestic dot on this planet which has become a fascination of mine since I first watched the Danny Boyle film (based on Alex Garland's novel) all backpackers know well about, I consider Rai Leh as a perfect pit stop.


Friday, December 5, 2014

A Mid-day Meander at B.B.D. Bagh Kolkata, India

On December 8, 1930 three young Bengali activists Benoy, Badal and Dinesh cloaked in European clothing, entered the Writer's Building in the former Dalhousie Square and assassinated the Inspector of General Prisons N.S. Simpson. Though, this incident was just a tiny speck in the storied history of this central district of Kolkata, it proved significant enough to create a ripple effect that enhanced the Bengali’s role in the collective fight for Indian independence, which is the reason why the place is now known as B.B.D. Bagh - in honor of the three freedom fighters that also died that fateful day. 


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sri Lanka: Stilt Fishing in Unawatuna

I realized we were outside of Galle already when the scenery shifted to azure seas and unending white sands. I resisted telling my guide Sandrew to pull on the side of the road so I could combat the strong waves battering the shore. I saw a couple of surfers high five each other from afar and after another kilometer, a Sri Lankan couple gazing at the beautiful formation of whitecaps caught my attention. The wind was incessant attached with a yawning effect on me - on any other day I would prefer to just doze off while listening to the thunderous rolling of the waves. But unfortunately, not this day though.


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Palo Alto Bed and Breakfast in Puerto Princesa is a Charming Abode Tucked in a Forest

The email that popped into my inbox one day delivering a message of invitation to stay and review this place called Palo Alto Bed and Breakfast in Puerto Princesa, Palawan came at the most opportune of time, because I and my girlfriend Monnette have been planning for a trip somewhere. Puerto Princesa in Palawan presenting itself as an option was a definitive 'Yes!' moment. Plus, the chance to witness her experience the subterranean river for the first time makes the trip more meaningful.