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Monday, December 11, 2017

Agal-Agal Festival: A Vibrant Celebration of Tawi-Tawi’s Culture

As I stood on the deck of BRP Capones, a spanking new Japanese-made Parola-class patrol vessel of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) where we hitched a ride going to Tawi-Tawi, I quickly surveyed my surroundings. I saw the sacred mountain of Bud Bongao lording it over a picturesque landscape and covered by the morning mist, yet I was still able to spot the silhouette of the town’s Mosque and the outlines of a modest village with fishing boats and passenger ferries that are starting to stir with the day’s activities. And then it dawned on me, I finally reached the southernmost province of the country. Tawi-Tawi, I have arrived!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Discovering a Trove of Cultural and Historical Relics at Villa Escudero

There’s only one country I haven’t been to. Nepal. I don’t know why – I just haven’t had the chance” – Don Ado told us after he overheard me asking my friend KarlaCan you guess how many countries he had traveled to?.” It wasn’t a question concocted out of the blue. I wondered about it after surveying through the massive art, historic, religious and souvenir collection housed inside Don Ado’s private mansion.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Counting Secluded Strides in San Vicente’s Long Beach

My step count must have numbered in the hundreds when I paused to survey my surroundings. I saw the fisherman who greeted me earlier as he was fixing his fishing net, appearing like a small dot from far away. I turned my head and saw no one else within yelling distance—except for a couple of dogs who were following me. For a few minutes I sat on a protruding branch of a fallen tree, and just wrapped my mind at the solitary vibe of the spot. I started to wonder how such stunning place remains uncrowded in an afternoon showered with the riveting golden rays of the sun.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

New York’s Best AirBnBs

Accommodation costs in NewYork, reportedly the most expensive city in the United States, are quite steep, especially if you’ve set your sights on a hotel in Manhattan. Another, relatively cheaper and comfortable, alternative would be to rent out a holiday property from those listed on AirBnB. You still may have to spend as much as $200 a night, but with the entire apartment or home to yourself, and minus the limitations typical of hotels, it may well be worth the expense, especially when travelling with friends or family.

Impressive AirBnBs are available throughout the city and rentals vary based on the location and the size of the property. Staying at a central location makes it a tad easier to explore the city without losing time and money on the commute.