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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My Return Trip to the Heritage and History Bursting Plains of Bagan, Myanmar

As a traveler I usually embark on journeys to places I have never been to before. This rule though, comes with a few exceptions. Among the places I have returned sooner than I expected was Bagan in Myanmar. I always feel I have some unfinished business after I arrived home from my first trip there in March 2013. The itch to resolve that became the sole reason why exactly three years later – I penciled a plan for yet another jaunt to this ancient city. This time, I arrived as a solo traveler and armed with a lengthier period of time in exploring this olden city crawling with centuries-old temples and pagodas.

Temples, pagodas and monasteries of all sizes dominate your view. I spent a number of afternoons parking my e-bike on a random spot and striding aimlessly until I discover obscure ruins where I will find a quiet time to be alone with my thoughts

Monday, June 20, 2016

Meet the Participants of This Year's Cebu Pacific #JuanForFun Backpacking Challenge

Fifteen college students belonging to five teams are on their path to becoming afflicted with a good addiction. Becoming travel junkies is just around the bend for these lucky 15, as they experience adventure in this year’s Cebu Pacific #JuanForFun Backpacker Challenge. Just like in the previous editions of #JuanForFun, Cebu Pacific is pushing the envelope once again by adding additional spice, to make this year’s challenge a more exciting one. Returning are celebrity coaches; musician Champ Lui Pio, Internet star Bogart the Explorer, and travel writer Jude Bacalso. They will be joined by first-time coaches; actress, singer and blogger Saab Magalona, and TV host and VJ Robi Domingo.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

#Adventures: Photography Tips for Documenting Your Travels

Travel and photography are inseparable, and a trip isn't complete without high-quality photos to document your journey. Choosing your camera, framing your image and being safe are all concerns if you're a serious travel photography enthusiast. Consider the following tips for a better photography experience on your next adventure.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Enjoying the Quiet and Colonial Ambiance of Hotel by the Red Canal | Mandalay, Myanmar

As the customary way of commuting in Myanmar, upon our arrival at the bus terminal we then boarded a Japanese pick-up truck they called as “lain-ka” (line car) – that will deliver us to our respective hotels / hostels. Already finding my seat at the spacious 12-seater back of the truck along with four other Western travelers, the driver who is pointing a finger at me recited aloudYou will be the first. I reckoned Hotel by the Red Canal – my accommodation in Mandalay, will be the first destination along the route. I nodded my head as I look forward to taking a short rest before meeting in person, a Filipina expat I met through Tinder.

Hotel by the Red Canal's Spice Garden dishes a stellar feast