Genting Highlands, Malaysia

From Kuala Lumpur we went to Genting Highland, a place on top of a mountain that was developed starting in the 1970's by one of the richest man in Malaysia. Fast forward to today, it is the site of the First World Hotel, renowned for being the second largest hotel in the world, a casino, a theme park, a mall and a nearby residential village.

To go there you need to take a bus from KL Central Station, you can either go there by car or a bus that will have a stop at a place that will offer visitors to ride on a cable car. Riding the cable car seems more exciting as it gives you a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains.

It is said to be the longest cable car in Asia and about a kilometer long if my distance estimate is correct. It was also my first time to ride the cable car.

The highlight of the place was the location of course, the weather is cool, just a bit less colder than in Baguio (we went there during summertime in the month of May), the theme park which has an attraction called "Genting Sky Venture" a free fall simulator, a casino, a waterplash pool, a big mall among others.

It's a place that will be much appreciated by travelers coming with their own family, the kids will surely enjoy the place more than ordinary backpackers who prefers the beaches more than the comforts of hotels and themed attractions.

Anyway, It is a nice little side trip for our Kuala Lumpur tour. Anybody planning going here, should make sure to check out First World Hotel as I remember it has one of the cheapest rates compared to other hotels and I'm sure the kids will enjoy the themed park and the oldies might want to try their luck in the casinos. We didn't took our chances though :)