about a bunch of photographs

It feels like walking along a deserted hallway, flickering lights with rabid air conditioning and all with just the exit sign to guide where you' wanna go. Your bare feet rubbing the carpeted flooring, attracting electricity in the process you wish would go unto your own body and provide a flowing that will ebb all of your miseries by midnight.

Tomorrow should be a new day, you should look out the window with a spanking zest for a new beginning, same thing which previously ended up in frustration the day before. But you MUST pick up the slack of failures of the past like having the hands of giants.

I've scrounged my world with pavements where i can rest my body just by lying and seeing the sky above me. Nevermind the passing pedestrians, who would drop a nickel here and there, pay you with a derivative look as if you don't belong anywhere else. I don't mind sitting in a crowded bar for 5 minutes and then leaving cursing the whole crowd of forthcoming alienation.

There was a time when I'm all for it, I recited poetry in front of the school population, I think that was 3rd grade, i forgot what poem, who wrote it, but i was once that kid who would participate just to get a higher grade. Now all i want was to be behind a camera and try to capture the whole world around me. For good or for ill, less nothing be taken away from me, hence nothing should i take from others. All fair and nothing elevated into complexity.

But I'm happy I'm not that person anymore. I've created a shell for myself with only a few souls should inhabit and once they're in they're in for the rest of our time together. There wont be any exits for unhappy souls, just all of us forming this circle with all things that brings harm being blocked over and out and looking in. The sky will hover above and thwarts everything that will bring riot.

"across the stars, and in the middle, you see the blue center-light pop, and everybody goes ahh..."