St. Catherine of Alexandria Church in Carcar | Cebu

The day after the Sinulog Festival, my friend Toni and I headed out to Moalboal and along the way we stopped by the municipality of Carcar not only to feast on lechon but to visit the St. Catherine of Alexandria Church as well.

Old Churches in Cebu

The facade of the church instantly arrest your attention thanks to its architectural style fusing abundant influences from its Greco-Roman themed altar, byzantine architecture and its two Islamic-inspired arches shaped like a minaret and  alo resembles a gateway of some Moslem mosques.

Carcar Lechon

The church was named after the town's patron saint, Saint Catherine of Alexandria whose feast is celebrated every November 25th. It was built by the Augustinians with constructions done from 1860 until 1875 using stones as its main building material.  The church itself serves as the center of a town that also features a number of Spanish and American colonial houses–most of which are still well preserved with some functioning as museums.

Jomie Naynes

Inside the church, you get sense a bigger space compared to just by looking at it from the outside. The ceilings, decorated by a colorful painting design, makes the church appear longer. Statues of saints adorn both sides while beams stands solidly along both flanks of the church and a second level is found near the entrance. There is also a stairway to the bell tower which I tried to climb but was met by a scary looking black dog who was resting on the steps.

Jemille Carolino

There are also a few tombstones embedded on the floor and the walls of the church making it as among the most unique  old churches I visited so far.  The pulpit is accessible by a spiral staircase and patches of yellow and other colors which were remnants of its old paint are plastered on its walls, all adding up to the rustic feel of the church.

Jomie Naynes

A few steps from the Church is the Carcar Museum and streets that features Spanish and American colonial houses and a market where we did some feasting on lechon. It was a great brief stop on the way to Moalboal and I recommend it to anyone planning on exploring the southern part of Cebu.

Ruth Dela Cruz

Saint Catherine of Alexandria Church is said to be the second oldest church in Cebu and it is located in a town known for its heritage sites making it an ideal town for history buffs and those fond of lechon and chicharon. Going here is very easy as there's buses, vans and jeepneys from Cebu city plying its route that passes here.

It was raining when we entered the church, but the sky turned brighter when we went out but still offering a few drops of rain. I took shelter near the front and took one look again at the facade of the church and thought to myself "Am I just staring at this church right now?" hard to believe, but I really did that day and how grateful I was to have this opportunity to travel and stop at random towns and be greeted with these kinds of places.