Go with the Flow of Kawasan Falls | Cebu

We visited Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu as a sidetrip to Moalboal, after settling in our room we took a tricycle and traveled for 30-45 minutes and took a leisurely walk for another 15 minutes to reach this majestic-looking waterfalls. 

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The tricycle ride going to Badian from Moalboal isn't boring as you'll pass through scenic roads that offers a view of the sea and the rush of wind flowing against your face while zipping fast along an almost empty highway will keep you wide awake.

Levy Amosin and Desa Tayting

There's a 50.00 peso entrance fee for environmental care and the trail leading to the waterfalls makes for an easy walk. We passed by a few houses and was greeted by the friendly smiles of the residents and the surrounding greens makes the trip a more appealing undertaking.

Sophie Gianan

Upon reaching the waterfalls I was surprised that they built a number of infrastructures near it, like restaurants and cottages which kind of took something out of the mystique and isolation-like environment of the place. I wished, they'd built these infrastructures a bit further or maybe at the start of the trail but not anywhere within a stone throw from the Kawasan waterfalls.

Alyanna Bromeo

Kawasan falls is very beautiful and one of the best I've seen so far with its large basin of a pool of crystal clear green waters and a brazenly strong waterfall current making it at par with the other famed waterfalls in the country.

Alexa Pajarillo

Somehow, all those structures kind of takes its edge off and it has been a recurring problem we're having in every places where visitors flock to in large numbers. The so called 'lazy travelers' are dictating the tourism industry to cater to them most by building structures of convenience such as a resort too close to the beach, make-shift shanties and other things that dampens the 'nature' feeling of a beach or a waterfalls.

In the case of the ones built near Kawasan Falls - it is not only badly designed it also serves as a mini eye sore to an otherwise perfect waterfalls. Anyway, I tried and succeeded in enjoying Kawasan falls just by blocking from my sight the said structures and hope that there wont be any additional structures to be built near the waterfalls in the future.

Mujee Gonzales, Christian Sangoyo, Mark Estur, Dennis Murillo

We stayed there for an hour and watched the few people enjoying the flow of the waterfalls - just as the people in charge of the place should have done in the first place which is to just 'go with the flow' of Kawasan Falls and should have left the place as it is and untouched. 

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Now that it was sort of touched by men I do hope that any plans of building other structures within Kawasan Falls should be scrapped to at least save and maintain its nature glory and ensure that the waters will flow freely and unhinged from any more human intervention for many years to come.