Pyrolympics at the Mall of Asia | Manila

It was my first time to witness then Pyro Olympics at the Mall of Asia last Saturday. I've heard a lot about it but was only able to come after an invite from a fellow blogger Melo came about. I went with other travel bloggers who've I've met previously from some trips and gatherings in the past like Patricia, Cedric, Angel and Gael the "Pinay Solo Backpacker". We were given VIP tickets, yeah to think when someone mentions "VIP" all I could imagine was a mirror filled room, with two female dancers shaking their booty and - but that was a different kind of VIP. The ones given to us was a free set of dinner plus a great seat in front of the Music Hall of Mall of Asia that gave us a better view of the fireworks display that night.

The night's participants were the countries of South Korea and Spain. Good thing it wasn't North Korea or they'd probably launch nuclear fireworks. South Korea kicked off the festivities by launching into the air a wide array of fireworks that scattered in the sky upon detonation, massive trails of lights that left the dark sky with a myriad of painting-like strokes as if coming from the brushes of the late pop-art  genius Andy Warhol.

The fireworks went on full display and I found myself clicking away to take photographs but my not so steady hands proved to be a disappointment as  most of the shots I took ended up blurry and lacking fine quality. Anyway, it was a sight to behold as I've to momentarily forget that fireworks do contribute to global warming hehe. Not to be a killjoy I set that thought aside and hope that we could still continue offsetting whatever harm it may cause to the atmosphere. It might be a bit of a bad news to the environment, but it was surely a blast for the people who went at Mall of Asia to witness the spectacle. It was a great bonding moment wherein people sat on the chairs, some on the grounds over their picnic cloth and  I saw many kids ending up delighted to no end. Priceless! seeing kids faces lit up at the sight of these fireworks. 

Next up was Spain, which to my recollection displayed the better set of fireworks among the two countries. Guess, they're the team to beat in the next round. Their set was more explosive and features more out of the ordinary fireworks formation. I saw circles and other shapes accompanied by a more assorted colors that matches with the beat of their musical score.

The whole thing lasted a couple of hours and it was over-all a great idea to spend one's Saturday plus I got to bond with my fellow bloggers right after and end up talking about the time frame of when we're all going to quit our jobs and just spend the rest of our days traveling and working odd online jobs to support our passion. Cedric says in 5 years time all of us will be totally living the "Nomadic Lifestyle" which, crossing my fingers would become a reality.

I can't remember the last time I found myself at Mall of Asia. Located beside the Manila Bay, I was transfixed at its surroundings and thought to myself, it aint such a bad thing to hang out in this mall. Now I know why James of considers this as his second home. 

In Mall of Asia, there's awesome fireworks and the best of em all, there's lots of beautiful and gorgeous ladies around. :)

Stake-out shot of a pretty girl from afar.

 I expect to come back on March 12, 2010 as this year's Pyro Olympics will run from February 12 to March 12, 2011.

Cedric, Patricia, Angel, Gael and Me