Going Venetian Blind in Macau

The Venetian Macao is one of the usual suspects one would encounter when visiting Macau. My wham-bam thank you miss trip to Macau lasted only 10 hours so I've no choice but to explore the usual places and I didn't regretted dropping by the Venetian only because the place was really amazing. Constructed at an astounding $2.4 billion encompassing 980,000 square meters and designed after its sister hotel in Las Vegas but bigger, it now holds the distinction of being the largest casino in the world, 5th largest building in the world and the largest in Asia for any stand alone building structure. 

Once inside you'll be reminded of picturesque countrysides as if you're venturing on some holidays to alcudia and other neat European cities as the main theme of the place mimics the kind of atmosphere and environment of Venice, Italy. Visitors can take the experience to another level by riding on a gondola that sails through the San Luca canal in the middle of the walkway adorned by sky-like paintings that at first look you'd think it was all real.

After alighting from the bus I entered the Venetian and was greeted by a busy hotel lobby filled with visitors dropping by at the casino resort while others are checking in to their rooms as some are on their way to check out. I then walked into a long corridor adorned by arching paintings on its ceiling which I'm pretty sure is almost similar to the renaissance paintings of Michaelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael. 

For a moment there I feel like some classy traveler checking into a hotel like that, though reality quickly sets in, still it doesn't matter as I'm more contented in just walking around inside than burning cash staying in a fancy room or only if I had my luck with me I'd risk some dough in the casino which was bursting with activity.

The gongs of the slot machines and the ooohs and aaaah of the victors and losers on each table, the flapping sounds of gambling cards and the dices rolling all constitutes an  Ocean 9-like atmosphere. For a moment I felt like Matt Damon waiting for the rest of the gang to make the ultimate heist of our life. 

Rows of stores adorned the make believe Venice, Italy complete with buildings designed with Italian architecture, marble floors and Victorian lamp posts. It was really like walking in a tiny city more than just being inside a hotel and casino resort. There were many Filipinos working in the casino and visitors as well, I bumped into a few while I was there, usually they were the ones who took the most photographs and talking about tagging each other at their respective facebook accounts, with some threatening the others to only tag the "taggable" ones.

Venetian Macau
At one point while inside, I looked up at the sky-like painting and I was like "Oh It's late afternoon already" because I have to catch the ferry back to Hong Kong at around 4:30 PM, I kind of hustled then I remembered it was just a painting after all and I looked at my watch and it says 11:15 am still. I arrived there at around a quarter to 10am and stayed just about 12 noon so i could, at the advise of a kababayan I met at the ferry terminal, Eva - who also served as my tour guide in Macau, - line up at nearby Galaxy hotel for a free lunch.

The whole experience was like walking in a park and a few more alterations here and there I'd probably start believing I was really in Venice, Italy. The Victorian lamp posts though reminds me of the Jack the Ripper-era, and an Alan Moore's "From Hell" setting. However, the whole feel of the place was so vibrant and amazing that I was just in awe of the whole theme of the place. Now I know why, The Venetian Macao is a must see whenever one finds him/herself in Macau.

Maybe next time, I'll check in here and play the casino and ride the gondola. Or I could just drop by and walk around as I did during that day. I'm more of a fun of old architecture, ruins, Spanish era churches in the Philippines, temples and mosques etc, but once in a while I get to appreciate modern structures as eye popping as the Venetian Macao.

This guy is a Filipino according to my new friend Eva and he does a good job of staying still without any movement. I was waiting for him to move and surprise some photo opportunist but he never batted even an eyelash.

Here I was watching from a short distance a man performing on a show, by eating and spewing fire in the air. This part right here was like the center of the make believe Venice town where residents gather to hear their town  assemblyman issue a speech about an impending war with a neighboring country. I almost believe it and felt like it. Now I cannot wait to visit the real Venice, Italy.