2012 Globe Tatt Awards Finalist for "The Visualizer"

About a month ago, a former workmate of mine Tess Roldan asked permission if she could nominate me for the upcoming Globe Tatt Awards. Of course I said 'yes' she can, not expecting that it would produce a stunning result like it did when I opened my email a week ago. The email I got informed me that this travel blog has been shortlisted as among the five finalists for the "Visualizer Category

So I got pumped a bit and told a few close friends about it, even though the email specified to keep it confidential until their announcement, which happened on June 13. The day after that when the website has put up the voting pages for each categories and I saw my picture along with other highly regarded individuals in the field of photography, I felt proud just to be included in the list.

That is why, it doesn't matter if I find myself near last place of the voting tally, even after numerous desperate attempts at bugging my friends to vote every hour and even using my dog's fictional facebook account to vote myself. Being named as one of the finalists, from the many nominations that were sent and reviewed by the "Tatt Council", I feel like I've already won something.

That something comes in a manner that pats my back and shakes my hand, as if telling me that what I'm doing is creating something, reaching somebody and widening the influence of my passion to others through social media, in a very effective manner just like how one should use it. To inform, to spread awareness, to influence and to promote something worthwhile and not the other way around.

So for those who keeps on reading my travel narratives on this blog and to those who voted on their own free will and those whom I pointed a gun and threatened bodily harm at, just to vote. Thank you very much. This gives me another reason to blog more often during office hours. Kidding. 

What I can promise though, is to continue traveling and hopefully share those experiences with you and by that, it could also inspire you to explore more of the world around us. Let us make the present something to live for, because a few years from now, we would be nostalgic about this time we're letting pass through us in a blitz.

You can still vote until June 20. Here are my fellow finalists.

1. Nina Sandejas of Rosarioko - a popular music scene photographer I've been following for a few years now.
2. Estan Cabigas of Langyaw - fellow travel blogger whom I've met numerous times and went out on a trip once as well. I'm a fan of his works even before I met him in person.
3. Ryan Vergara and Garovs Garovillo of Everywhere We Shoot - Because of the Tatt Awards, I came across their awesome website which features stunning images. 
4. Cholo Dela Vega of a Different Cut - Another photographer for me to follow and learn from. Check out his website for more edgy fashion photographs.