Nuat Thai: A Soothing Solution to this Backpacker’s Back Pain

Ever since I came home from Sri Lanka my lower back has been bothering me. It isn't painful but the muscles kinda stiffen each time I would stand. It also doesn't help doing most of my work sitting in front of my laptop - reason why my back screams of a soothing therapy. I'm not big on the art of massage that I even skipped getting one at Khao San Road in Bangkok a couple of years ago. However, upon prodding from my girlfriend Monnette and an invite to try out Nuat Thai's newest branch located at Banawe Street in Quezon City, the universe conspired for my body to get its well deserved treatment after numerous miles of backpacking abuse on the road.

With the help of Waze we reached Nuat Thai in Banawe at around 7:00 pm, their branch is located on a new commercial building occupied by interesting establishments like Tokyo Bubble Tea. Traffic was smooth and a total opposite of our previous trip in the same area - trying to go to UST a month back where we got caught up with a heavy downpour and Monnette's car had to wade through the flood.

Waiting Lounge. Photo credit Girl Kuripot
Our appointment is at 8:00 pm, but the friendly staff accommodated our request to have our body massage an hour early. The female staff on duty was very detailed in explaining each treatment to us. Not that I don't mind, at that time any type of massage will do. Monnette meanwhile was very pleased at her effort in making us understand the particular services they offer.

Foot Washing Area. Photo credit Girl Kuripot
Monnette and I availed of the foot massage + aromatherapy massage with herbal balls. I asked Monnette what in the world are herbal balls? she just motioned me to hush and told me "surprise". I've been to a few spa before (No, not that one at E.Rodriguez) and while I expect the place to be dim and playing such soft music conducive to total relaxation, I was pleased at the simple and homey interior. The therapists attended both of us by first washing our feet where they used sea salt scrub and warm water. 

Massage room. Photo credit Girl Kuripot
After that we're off to the foot massage chair where, if ever my feet can talk they would probably be high five-ng each other and saying "Boo-yaah at last" since I've abused them with miles and miles of walking over the rugged streets of Sri Lanka a few weeks earlier. It lasted for an hour which I sent dozing off and getting lost with random abrupt dreams. 

Next up, we were led to the couple's massage room where I lay down to a small single bed padding next to Monnette's. We high-fived each other expressing that 'so far so good'. At the reception earlier we were made to choose what type of oil we want to be used on our body, I chose lavender while Monnette settled for eucalyptus (or was it the other way around?) the other choice is green tea

I opted for the hard massage which went perfectly, I expect it be a bit painful but my therapist has such soft hands and a gentle touch that she was able to penetrate my joints and soothed my muscles without exerting pain. 

Oh about the herbal balls. I wasn't able to see it but I felt it being applied on my back. According to fellow blogger Marge and Jonel of Seats for Two, "Herbal balls contains various dried herbs wrapped in a clothe and tied into a ball. It’s a Thai massage technique. The masseuse carefully applies pressure by pressing the herbal balls on areas of the body that are stressed and aching such as the shoulders, the lower back area, and buttocks."

Knowing that its a Thai massage technique made me regret not having a body massage in Bangkok. I promised myself that it shall be the main order of the day once I go back to the city that serves as the starting point of the Banana Pancake Trail. (only backpackers can relate).

Another plus is the application of the warm compress. Its like a small pillow that is applied to the nape and at the back. It was a bit too hot for me but I can't deny the soothing sensation it provided afterward. Monnette told me its her first time to experience receiving that in all of her Spa incursions.

Over-all we both had a wonderful experience in the span of a little under three hours. I felt rejuvenated afterward it was like I never went on long walks while carrying my heavy rucksack in Sri Lanka. It was almost 10:00 pm when we got out and while the day was about to end, we felt like eager and energetic to start the next one. With smiles on our faces, we walked down to Monnette's car hand in hand. Happy that it was a night well spent - thanks to Nuat Thai. I think I'm all for body massage from now on. I can hear my back and feet telling me "Oh yeah it's about time"

Nuat Thai Banawe
238 Banawe Street, corner Panalturan & Pagataan St., Quezon City
Open until 2 a.m.
Check out their other branches and social media accounts:
IG: nuat_libis_pioneer_banawe
Facebook: nuat thai libis
Twitter: @NuatThaiLIBIS
90 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Q.C. (Across shopwise)
56 m-58 madison st. Mandaluyong city
Examiner St. cor. Times st, qc