Desert Glamping at Sun City Camp | Wadi Rum, Jordan

My first time spending a night in the desert was in Jaisalmer the day before Holi Festival in 2014. It was a wonderful experience sleeping on just a single mattress laid out over soft fine sands—under a canopy of stars. I would have been fine with a similar simple set-up for our accommodation in Wadi Rum. But man oh man, imagine my surprise upon seeing the place we would camp that night. It was like straight from a folk tale from Arabian Nights.

As the 4x4 trucks we're riding came into a screeching halt, the whole property of Sun City Camp came into light. Scattered throughout are traditional Bedouin tents outfitted with spacious veranda, living room, bathroom and a bedroom. There are also royal tents and family suites offering bigger space (a year after our visit, Sun City Camp created the Martian Dome tents *cover photo*).

Despite only spending a night here—as we would be en route to Petra the next morning—I made sure to make the most of it by regaling lengthily at the impressive atmosphere surrounding Sun City Camp being in the middle of the vast Wadi Rum desert.

Exhausted from the long trip to Wadi Rum but with spirits filled to the brim with delight, we feasted over a traditional Jordanian meal of Zarbs—a Bedouin dish of barbecue chicken and lamb marinated with various herbs and spices. It is prepared by pre-heating it in an underground oven for three to four hours.

For the first time I was able to mingle with everyone from the group. From the 17 of us, I am the only non-travel operator. Despite that, I instantly felt being embraced by their circle of business travelers. Over a lighted bonfire, I listened attentively as they enthusiastically shared interesting and inspirational tidbits about the travel industry. 

This was only the second of eleven nights we were to travel the Holy Land route in Jordan, Egypt and Israel. I felt a tint of joy knowing that apart from being in the midst of creating a wonderful memory of Wadi Rum, a budding camaraderie among all of us has been brewing as well.

That night, as I walked toward our luxurious tent I caught a sight of the blanket of stars above me. Overwhelmingly countless and beautiful, I have never seen such sheer number appear so clearly in the nighttime skies before.

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