Where to Stay in Luang Prabang: Lotus Villa Boutique | Laos

It was starting to darken when I arrived at Luang Prabang causing me to hurry my pace in locating my hotel. Guided by my Google Map, I walked pass the main street of the city's historic district. It was a lovely surprise finding out a few days before, that Lotus Villa Boutique Hotel situates right smack in the UNESCO Heritage area of the city. Established in 2008, this small property houses 15 soothing rooms and 2 suites – all designed within the fervor of the architectural style of Laos’ colonial past.

A stone throw away among quaint cafes, holy temples and riverside restaurants, my accommodation of choice infuses both Luang Prabang's colorful storied past and vibrant local life. As I handed my passport to the friendly receptionist, my ears flapped at what I heard next. “The Tak Bat (morning alms of the monks) passes in front of this property every 5:30 am”, the man manning the front desk told me.

After downing the welcome drink, he led me to my room located at the second floor of the two-story property. We passed by a small courtyard to which he pointed out “where we serve our breakfast”. I surveyed it and instantly found the atmosphere an ideal place to start the day with a sumptuous Laotian breakfast. What’s there not to like: trees and flowers all around you and the sound of birds chirping.


Since this was a travel partnership with Lotus Villa Boutique, I have no idea what kind of room they would assign to me. It turns out to be the “Frangipani Room”. It is named after a genus of shrubs and trees called Plumeria – a tropical flower that lived up to the collective theme of Lotus Villa: of everything that blooms in nature.

My room is measured at 15 square meters with cream colored concrete walls, brown squared floor tiles and teak colored wooden furniture that includes a cabinet, working desk, side tables and a king-sized bed. The open shower is placed behind a step wall while a folding door leads to the toilet.

The airy room opens to a veranda overlooking the garden courtyard and the view of the surrounding towering trees from its neighboring properties. For the next several nights this became my home during my initial trip to Luang Prabang.

Madame Camille the Manager turned out to be Mister Camille

The next morning while I was having breakfast at the courtyard garden, the waiter introduced me to the manager whom I had exchanged email correspondence prior to my arrival. I was expecting to meet a lovely lady because the name on the email says 'Camille'. (I hurriedly fixed my hair and popped a pimple). To my surprise, a Caucasian man walked to me and cheerfully greeted me "Hi how you doing I am Camille ('Cha-Mille'), the general Manager". Turns out he's French and in their country, they have many gender-less names.

He asked me about my opinion about their property and I answered back with all honesty "I love how the place dishes a homey ambiance and how it fused the heritage architecture of Luang Prabang with the natural environment around it"

Breakfast of Champions

For breakfast, they let guests choose from different varieties of Laotian noodle dish and what type of bread and egg you like it to go along with. On top of that, a fresh platter of fruits and squeezed juices are served with coffee or tea.

These loaded breakfast fueled my day long exploration of Luang Prabang’s UNESCO district either by foot or by using the hotel’s bicycle which guests can use all day long for free.  

A Charming and Quiet Corner in the Historic Area of Luang Prabang

Talk about hitting a double target with one arrow not only because Lotus Villa Boutique is located inside the UNESCO Heritage district of Luang Prabang, it is also a place of peace and serenity. 

Only a few strides away and you will reach one of the many temples located in the city. A couple of dozen hops and you can reach the riverside of the Mekong River. Any direction you go leads you to a very interesting discovery.

Despite its strategic location it never sacrificed privacy because the only noise that fills up the surroundings of the property, are the tweeting of the birds and the sounds of the swaying of the tree leaves.

If anyone would ask me where to stay in Luang Prabang? I would honestly recommend this place based on my amazing experience staying at Lotus Villa Boutique Hotel.

Additional Information:

The other rooms are the:

- Lotus Rooms (19 sq. meters timber paneled rooms with a balcony)
- Water Lily Rooms ( 24 square meters, feature an open style bath in the bedroom, as well as a separate shower with organic shampoo and soap, and french doors opening onto a courtyard garden)
- Orchid Suites (50 sq. meters with 2 rooms)

* All rooms comes with free WiFi access

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