Capsule Transit KLIA2 | A Place to Stay Kuala Lumpur International Airport T2


Slept on an airport floor. Been there, done that. During my previous red-eye flights to KL, I remember dozing off in several carpeted areas of Kuala Lumpur International Airport T2 as I await my connecting flight the next day — a few times to India and another one to Sri Lanka. However, on my last trip to India, I found a cozy and affordable accommodation located right inside the KLIA2 terminal. Aptly called "Capsule Transit", it serves its function which is to provide just enough space for transiting passengers who don't have time or money to go to downtown Kuala Lumpur and look for a hotel.

Marky Ramone Go about to sleep in a bed in Capsule Transit
"I don't have claustrophobia do I?

Why fly during midnight you might ask. Thanks to Cebu Pacific Air, I always get the cheapest seat to Kuala Lumpur from them — but on one caveat; arriving in the capital city of Malaysia at around half an hour past 12am.

Hallway inside the capsule transit in KLIA2

However, by staying for 12 hours in Capsule Transit, that’ll give me enough time to rest and catch up on sleep and also do some food-tripping in the many food courts and restaurants in KLIA2.

What’s Inside the Capsule Transit?

Like what its name suggests, it has beds built in capsule form different from the traditional designs of bunk beds we’ve come to know in hostels. This type of accommodation first became popular in Japan where smaller hotels constructed in tiny lots had to come up with a comfortable bed that maximizes a small available space. It is a living concept the Japanese refer to as “Kyosho Jutaku”, which means “living large on a tiny footprint”.

Jamie Fournier relaxing at the lounge of Capsule Transit
The lounge area

If you’re not claustrophobic — which thankfully, I’m not— you will prefer a capsule bed because it gives more privacy. The moment you crawl into that small entryway and you’re off to your own world, err bed.

Library inside Capsule Transit
They also have a book-exchange corner here

Constructed in container vans and on a multi-level platform, the Capsule Transit gives a space station vibe with narrow hallways, biometric entryways and steel flooring and railings.

The doors of Capsule Transit looks like the ones you see inside a spaceship
Each section is secured from outsiders

Inside my capsule there's a single-size bed foam paired with two soft pillows, a foldable small desk with a mirror, clothe hanger, electric power outlet, a reading lamp and a handy amenity bag with dental kit, slipper, towel and a free 500ml mineral water bottle.

Koryn iledan chooses the center capsule bed

Outside, there's a common lounge beside a library, locker storage and bathrooms and shower rooms separately for men and women.

Jomie Naynes finds the shower room of Capsule really neat Transit
There's also a stall with both toilet and shower room

Types of capsule beds are: Single Capsule (1 person), Queen Capsule (sleeps 2 persons) and the Private Capsule Suite (accommodate 2 adults and 1 child).

the storage lockers inside Capsule Transit stored the luggage of Stef Juan
The luggage storage

Location at KLIA2, Check-in time and Rates

The Capsule Transit is specifically located on level 1 inside Gateway @ KLIA2 Mall and a short distance away from the Transportation Hub. You can book by 3, 6 or 12 hours per day and check-in time is flexible. It means you can stay anytime depending on the arrival time of your plane. Since my flight to Jaipur, India doesn't leave until 3pm the next day, I booked a 12-hour stay.

Rates at the time of my stay are listed below:

hourly rates of Capsule transit in KLIA2
RM 128 for a good night sleep.