Lakbay Norte 8: Bonfire Bonding, Charcuterie Feasting and Glamping at El Kabayo | Pampanga


During the first night of our #LakbayNorte8 in Pampanga, we were taken to a lawn covered ground surrounded by towering trees in Clark, Pampanga. “We’re going to go glamping” our host told us travel writers and vloggers as we got out of our chartered bus. Surveying the scene, I immediately saw the rows of tents pitched for us and a wooden table full of charcuterie boards screaming of an incoming feast.

Lakbay Norte

The cold January wind made the location a perfect place to go camping without the enduring the rigors of the outdoors but with all the convenience of glamping. The lit bonfire, the clear nighttime skies and the Christmas lights hanging on the pine trees made the scene a cinematographer's wet dream. Everything is so appealing visually.

Levy Amosin and Koryn Iledan

Grabbing my backpack from our bus, I hurried to my assigned tent. Inside, was a soft mattress complete with self-care kits and toiletries. 

Jamille Domingo, Mariane Tagaca

Ditching the call of rest for the meantime, I dumped my stuff inside before heading out to the table where grazing boards filled with cold cuts, chips, cheese, nuts, dips and even wine are waiting for us.

Monique Tendencia

The charcuterie spread was catered by Amante Ribs x Steak, a steakhouse located within the property of El Kabayo Stables and Picnic Grounds. While helping myself with the sumptuous finger food and a glass of wine, I saw the owner approaching to welcome us.

Monique Tendencia, Mariane Tagaca, Astrid Alvarez

"Who Met the Sheriff?"

Known as the "Sheriff", Mr. Gabby Lao is the owner of El Kabayo Stables and Picnic Grounds. According to him, the idea behind the property came from his childhood memories of watching Western TV shows. After purchasing a property in Clark, he fulfilled that fantasy to a reality by building a tiny Western-themed town complete with replica of Western saloons and inns located adjacent to the campsite.

Karla Ramos and Audrey Trinidad

As part of also keeping their guests entertained, El Kabayo also offers various activities such as horseback riding, archery and carriage riding. Other than the glazing set-up, we also stuffed our mouth with marshmallows roasted over a bonfire.

Kara Santos

A few hundred meters from the main campsite is where the shower rooms and restrooms are located. There are also ready electrical sockets placed near the tents to charge our gadgets.

A Place for Team Building and Family Bonding

While I still prefer to rough it out on the great outdoors when given a choice to go camping, I still appreciate the comfortable outdoor vibe of El Kabayo. I believe the place is a perfect spot to conduct team buildings or bonding sessions for the whole family or a group of friends.

Celine Murillo and Astrid Alvarez

Thanks to a wine-fueled conversation among my travel writer friends that lasted until midnight, and the cool wind, I had a wonderful sleep inside my tent. I woke up in the middle of the night to take a bathroom break. When I stepped outside my tent, I saw the stars all visible on the nighttime sky. The thought of just laying on the grass appealed to me but eventually, after I returned to my tent, I heard the call of my soft mattress reverberating louder.  

Astrid Alvarez, Celine Murillo, Levy AMosin, Gretchen Filart, Kara Santos

Before I stepped inside back to my tent, I took a long look at the fancy lights hanging from the trees and told myself, “Tis such a wonderful place to spend our first night of Lakbay Norte 8”

Celine Murillo, Kara Santos, Astrid Alvarez

El Kabayo Stables and Picnic Grounds is located at Gil Puyat Avenue Corner Panday Pira, Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles, Pampanga.