A Javelin’s Throw Away from My Hostel, Old Batavia (Kota Tua Jakarta) | Indonesia


Arriving from Bandung, I headed straight to Wonderloft Hostel where I reserved a bunk bed for one night before flying back home to Manila. I originally planned on catching up sleep but when I learned from the receptionist that the hostel is just a few steps away from the historic Kota Tua Jakarta, I ditched rest in favor of the chance to explore more.

Jomie Naynes

Old Batavia, Old Town Jakarta

"Kota Tua Jakarta", which means "Old Town Jakarta", is more also known as Old Batavia from the Dutch word Oud and Batavia—Jakarta's old name. Originally a walled city housing Dutch settlement with its very own castle, Old Batavia was the de facto capital of Dutch East Indies when Jakarta came under colonial rule in the 17th century until when the Japanese wrested control of Batavia during World War II.

Ari Montano

Centering around Fatahillah Square that fronts the former Batavia City Hall and now Jakarta History Museum, the area of Kota Tua spreads 1.3 square kilometers. Today, rows of Dutch-styled buildings remain with several of it converted into charming cafes and restaurants.

Sara Abdollahi

Lauren Denoga

Thirsty for some beverage and starving for Indonesian food, I entered a random café and ended up chilling for more than an hour as I devour my food while people-watching.

Monique Tendencia

Outside the café and in the square, there were a lot of sparkling activities thanks to various street buskers playing guitars and beating on their bongo drums. Places of interest located around Fatahillah Square includes Wayang Museum which exhibits Javan Wayang Puppetry creations and was built on the site of a 1640 Old Dutch Church. 

Eileen Campos

There’s also the Kafe Batavia building that was used by E. Dunlop & Co. as a trading office in 1884 until it became Kantor Kapal Hadjii's office in the 1920's before becoming Kafe Batavia in 1992.

Charisse Vilchez

A little further ahead are the Bank Indonesia Museum, formerly the main bank of the Dutch East Indies, the Old Post Office, Fine Art and Ceramic Museum (former Court of Justice of Batavia), Luar Batang Mosque, the old Batavia railway station, the 17th-Century Gereja Sion Church and the 18th-centure Governor Mansion Toko Merah.

Nathalie Tarin

After satisfying my curiosities and appetite, I went back to the hostel for a hot shower only to walk out of Wonderloft during the night for another stroll around Old Batavia. 

Armi Valdez

There, I was met with a festive vibe of locals singing and playing musical instruments in the square as an orgy of colorful lights shimmers from different store fronts.