20 Best Things To Do When in Palawan

While knee-deep in vacation planning, do you ever think about possibly having nothing to do when in a new place? It’s a valid concernwe’ve all been there!but you will never have to worry about that when planning a visit to Palawan. Known as the Philippines’ Last Frontier, Palawan is chock-full of activities. Exploring its entirety may take a lifetime, but here are some must-do’s that can easily fill up a week or two of your well-earned trip.

Matinloc, El Nido

1     Dive deep under its waters

If you thought Palawan is beautiful above ground, just wait until you see it from underwater. It’s a whole new world down there. One dip and you will be preaching that it is indeed better down where it’s wetter.

The Tubbataha Reef down south and the top ten scuba dive spots in Northern Palawan are absolute heavens for diving enthusiasts. The waters in these areas are always crystal clear, and the corals and fish so very colorful and bright.

      Embark on a tour of Puerto Princesa City

A lesson in history is not what one first thinks about when envisioning a trip to Palawan, but the rich past of its capital will definitely beg you to reconsider.

Puerto Princesa City is nearly 150 years old, and it has seen everything from Spanish conquistadors to both American and Japanese soldiers, and even some Vietnamese refugees. Go back in time as you go around and appreciate the sights of the only city on the island.

     Greet crocodiles at the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center

There are a lot of crocodiles in the untouched jungles and swamps of Palawan, but you don’t have to go that far to meet one up close and personal!

The Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center is a local effort to care for and study some of the island’s most feared inhabitants, and work on a way to keep them safe for the years to come.

     Go horseback-riding at Mitra’s Ranch

With a great view and a wide and open field, you will not ask for more when visiting Mitra’s Ranch in Barangay Santa Monica. It will give it to you, anyway!

Cows and horses are but a few of the locals that live on this private farm. Here, you can ride one of the horses down the ranch’s rolling hills and live the telenovela fantasy of your dreams!

     Watch fireflies light up the Iwahig River

In a city that is filled with things to do, you would think there’d be nothing left when the sun goes down. That is where you’re wrong.

The mangroves of the Iwahig River are home to thousands and thousands of fireflies. At night, they rival the Christmas lights we put up on our trees. It is a sight not to be missed when in Palawan!

     Party it up at Tiki Resto Bar

The locals have been partying it up at this bar even before tourism boomed on the island. Now, they are inviting you to come and join them.

The nightlife in Puerto Princesa City has been on fire for the past few years. The once quiet town now hosts a variety of restaurants and bars. Tiki Resto Bar is what started it all and dropping by for a drink here is a requirement!

      Shop ‘til you drop at one of the souvenir centers

There is so much to do in Palawan. Puerto Princesa City is just your starting point. As the province’s capital, though, it’s also the best place for you to get your souvenirs.

Prices are relatively lower here compared to farther up north or south. Shops are also lumped together for your convenience. If you are on the lookout for a pearl to bring home, the best deals for genuine South Sea pearls can be found right here.

      Venture into one of the local markets

Souvenir centers are for tourists. Local markets are for true blue Palaweños. It’s a crazy, crazy world whenever you’re inside one of them, but nothing can really bet the New San Jose Market.

This is where the magic happens in Puerto Princesa City. Fruits and vegetables are the freshest when here. Meat and fish as well. Join in the commotion and leave with a basket full of goodies, and hardly a dent in your pocket.

       Drive through the National Highway

This is not an understatement: Palawan is huge. It is a total of 450 kilometers long from the very top down to its most south.

While driving through the National Highway is necessary to get from one point to another, why not have some fun while you’re at it? We dare you to blast a motorbike through that long, uninterrupted road. Hop on board a jeepney like some of the locals do. The best seat is not inside it, but above.

     Cycle around Palawan’s long roads

Palawan’s rugged terrain is not for everyone, but there is a path for every single type of bicycle rider in this province.

Cycling is not an activity most tourists engage in. You will most likely find yourself alone with locals if you choose to engage in this activity. Do it, though. You will be pleasantly surprised at where you will end up!

     Zipline through the forests and oceans

Here’s an activity for the adrenaline junkies out there. Ziplining is nothing new. You can zipline through cities and jungles alike. But, have you ever sped your way above the only truly virgin forests left in the country?

Palawan takes the activity of ziplining to a whole other level. Further up north, there are ziplining stations set up in between actual islands. It really is up to you as to what adventure you choose when you’re here!

     Trek up one of Palawan Island’s mountains

Palawan is not all about sand and sea. There are nearly a dozen mountains on Palawan Island alone, and each one is undoubtedly a sight to behold.

There are mountains that can be conquered in hours, and there are peaks that will take days to reach. Choose your poison, they say. Whether you opt for the limestone cliffs of Mt. St. Paul or the more forgiving terrain of Mt. Kalbo not too far away from it, the views when you reach the top will surely be breathtaking.

      Chase a hidden Palawan waterfall

Why stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to when you can chase the pristine waterfalls that fall off the edge of Palawan Island’s mountains and hills?

Tucked inside the nooks and crannies of Palawan Island are multiple waterfalls with deep blue pools that are waiting for you to wade in. Estrella Falls in the town of Narra is a local favorite. Check it out, and then check the hundred or so more waterfalls on the island afterward!

      Explore the many caves of the island

With so much land, the Philippines’ biggest province is bound to have a few hidden secrets here and there. Its caves have been around even before humans have. In fact, some of the earliest recorded human activity in the entire country can be traced back to the Tabon caves of Southern Palawan.

A not-so-hidden secret nowadays is the natural wonder that is the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River. Cruise through the kilometers-long underground waterway, and marvel at the many rock formations it holds. There is nowhere else quite like it in the world!

      Discover the uniquely delicious Palaweño cuisine

With Palawan’s rich history and natural wonders, it’s easy to forget that the food being offered up in the province is also incredibly noteworthy. Would you care for some crocodile sisig? It tastes earthy to some, but we were sure taken away by its taste!

Both the West Philippine Sea to its left and the Sulu Sea to its right are its markets. That is why seafood is served so fresh in Palawan, and so delicious however way it’s cooked!

      Catch some really, really fresh seafood

If you want to see how most locals make a living, why not ask for a demonstration on how to fish? Filipino people are friendly. Palaweños, even more so!

While not everyone may get to go out into the sea to catch fish, some sea critters you may just come across while walking. Watch out for those sea urchins! Though they may be poisonous when not handled well, their insides are finger-licking good when served.

      Island hop all over Palawan

Now we’re at the main event. Its gorgeous islands are what Palawan is most known for. Of the 7,107 islands in the Philippines, there is no doubt that the best of them all are in the Palawan province.

Try out all Tours A,B, C, and D in El Nido, play it safe in Honda Bay, or dare to go down south and explore the islands in Balabac. You will not be disappointed with whatever island adventure it is you choose.

     Kayak to its beaches and lagoons

If an intense island-hopping schedule is too much for you to handle, explore Palawan’s beaches and lagoons in a laxer way—by kayaking.

It will take longer, for sure, but there’s no rush when all you are set out to do is appreciate nature at its finest. Paddle away in the search for your own personal paradise.
      Camp underneath the stars

When you are far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the lights that will shine amidst the dark of the night are that of the stars and not traffic signs.

Find a secluded beach, and then set up camp. 

      Become a beach bum

While we’re on the topic of beaches, why don’t we take some time to appreciate the best out of all of the hundreds of beaches in Palawan?

The white beach of San Vicente is a whopping 14 kilometers long, but that’s not the beach we are referring to. We are talking about our very own Binga Beach.

Binga Beach Resort is the perfect island getaway for anyone who is looking to soak in all of the best that Palawan has to offer. It has its own private stretch of white sand in its front yard. If there is any place to hide away from the world and become a beach bum, it is right here.


There are a million things to do in Palawan, and there are a billion more that makes it so good. The items that we have listed here are but twenty of those.

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