Why Antique Province is an Underrated Tourist Destination?


Located in the beautiful island of Panay, the province of Antique tends to get overlooked by tourists heading to Iloilo City down south, to Caticlan in Boracay up north and to Gigantes Island in the East. Thanks to some travelers who wind up in Antique, a word-of-mouth now spreads raving how this province teems of wonderful destinations set in all types of terrain; mountains, forests, rivers, islands and even in quaint seaside towns. Need more convincing why you should visit Antique? then here's several things to do and places to visit. 

Things to do in Antique

Seco Island

A long curving stretches of sand bar said to be shaped like an elbow from above—thus the name "seco" from the word "siko"—forms the entirety of Seco Island

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Voyaging to this island may take 5-6 hours by boat but once you step on its powdery white sands and swim under its azure-colored waters, you will instantly realize that all that arduous journey is all worth it. Stunningly barren, with only the pockets of small trees and scattered shrubbery providing shade from the gleam of the sun, Seco Island is a prime example of how a bare and beautiful set of nature should be left off on its own.

Mararison Island

A 20-minute boat ride from the port of Culasi town takes you to this island facing Sulu Sea. Upon docking, be prepared to be amazed at the angelic voices of the Mararison Children's choir belonging to the small community here. These kids belt out a harmonious traditional song called "Kinaray", capably and with grace. 

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After that, take a hike to Lantawan peak to have a peek of the gorgeous 360-degree view of the island. Along the trail you can also find pitcher plants and at night—witness thousands of fireflies hovering under a tree. This is a great place to enjoy nature by staying at one of the island's homestays but always bear in mind to obey the community's rules in keeping the island spotless by practicing sustainable tourism.

Igpasungaw Falls

Things to do in Antique

Situated in the hills of Sebaste, Antique are nine levels of waterfalls highlighted by the wide Igpasungaw Falls. Its gushing waters will instantly tempt you to take an invigorating dive into its cold, crystal clear natural pool. Going to this waterfall only require a relaxed 45-minute to an hour of hiking.

Spot the Reclusive Rafflesia Flower

The Rafflesia Speciosa, a rare flower endemic to the island of Panay and Negros is found in the forests of Antique. Searching for this flower adds a dash of thrill to your exploration in the province. 

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The Speciosa is part of a family of twenty-eight Rafflesia species found mostly in the jungles of South East Asia. The Rafflesia has no flowering season and takes up to nine months to mature and blooms only for five to six days before it withers away. The small barangay of Aningalan is where one could chance upon the reclusive and beautiful Rafflesia Speciosa and Rafflesia Lobate flowers.

Hike the Picturesque Rice Terraces in San Remigdio

A staircase of rice fields stretching over a vast expanse of a six hundred-hectare plantation hides another gem of Antique. 

Things to do in Antique province

Known to the locals since the time of their ancestors, but only discovered a few years ago by outside travelers, the rice terraces of Brgy. Fullon in San Remigio depicts a smaller but equally spectacular version of the famed Banaue rice terraces. Going here demands at least four hours of arduous trekking, but those who do so, will be pleased to experience the jovial hospitality of the community inhabited by the indigenous group of Iraynon Bukidnon.

Have a Relaxing ‘Kawa Hot Bath’

‘Kawa Bath’ is a method of bathing composed of a firewood-heated water blended with a variety of herbs. It dishes a revolving energy flow and soothing feeling for bathers who indulge in this traditional dipping practice common in Tibiao, Antique. 

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The sweet aroma emanating from the plant leaves and flowers combined with the warm water brings a calming sensation to every part of your body. 

Marky Ramone Go with Karla Ramos and Erica Villas

Various resorts in Tibiao such as the Calawag Mountain Resort offers Kawa Hot Bath to their guests.

Go on a wild River Tubing

Things to do in Antique

Elevate your adventure game by engaging in a swirly exploit riding an un-tethered donut-shaped inner tube going with the flow of Tibiao River. Count the thrills as you pass by numerous rapids while surrounded by a stunning bounteous set of nature. River tubing in Antique provides a dual sense of excitement and a relaxing activity.

Hike to the Twin Bugtong Bato Falls

Things to do in Antique

Hidden in the forests of Tibiao is this three-tier waterfall towering more than 50 meters that can be reached via a short 20-minute trek. You can sandwich this exploration activity between your river tubing and kawa hot bathing in Tibiao.

Check out the "World's Biggest Pearl" at Tibiao Museum


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At first glance you wouldn't think that the small museum located beside UCCP Church and Tibiao Bakery would house an artifact that is known as one of the biggest pearls in the world. If not the biggest. Also known as the "Pearls of Tibiao", Tibiao Museum's most prized display is said to weigh almost 25 kilos and estimated to be worth more than 50 million pesos.

Take a Dip at Bugang River


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Antique is blessed with river systems that streams crystal clear and soothing waters. Bugang River—said to be one of the cleanest in the country—is another popular nature attraction. Locals come here to have a picnic and take turns diving into the azure-colored waters from towering trees. You can also take a relaxing swim and dip here or attain a Zen mind paddling over its still waters.