Best Travel Destinations in The United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates, or the UAE, is a major tourism hub in the Middle East that offers a lot of attraction for travelers looking for an enchanting mix of wonderful sights and colorful culture. Consisting of seven emirates, each with its own distinct character and attractions, any visitor to the UAE will have an abundance of exciting destinations to choose from. With almost all the world’s airlines flying to Dubai, booking a flight (حجز طيران) is very convenient.

To help you plan your trip to Dubai, here are a few of the top travel destinations for visitors to the United Arab Emirates.


Dubai is by far the most renowned among the seven emirates, by travelers from around the world. Home to the Burj Khalifa—the world's tallest man-made structure—and many of the world's most luxurious hotels, such as the Burj Al Arab, and a dazzling shopping scene, Dubai is a mesmerizing place to visit where every traveler can soak up the air of opulence and wealth pervading in this emirate.

Yas Island Beach - Abu Dhabi

Located in the island emirate of Abu Dhabi, Yas Island Beach is a popular leisure beach resort. The island boasts of some of the clearest blue waters in the world, and offers a plenty of fun activities, such as water sports, kayaking and beach volleyball, in addition to the simple joys of beach bumming, sunbathing or swimming. Yas Island is also the sight of the Ferrari World, the Yas Waterworld, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi and Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi.

Jabal Al Jais - Ras Al Khaimah

For those who are looking for the thrilling pursuits in the great outdoors, Jabal Al Jais in the emirate of Ras AL Khaimah comes at the top of the list of adventure seekers. The road trip going to this mountain area is already a unique exploit already, and the views of the surrounding countryside are spectacular. In addition to the beautiful and natural surroundings, the great attraction of Jabal Al Jais is the huge variety of activities that you can take part in here. These include bird watching, hiking, rock climbing, abseiling, mountain biking and a lot more. This is a place that will surely satisfy the more adventurous traveler.


You can’t leave the Arab Emirates without experiencing the enthralling Middle Eastern cultural attractions that abounds in the country. Sharjah, one of the seven emirates, and especially its capital, Sharjah City, is a wonderful place where you can experience and witness heaps of vibrant and interesting culture. There are several souks and museums to explore local art, and the old historic district of the city provides a wonderful opportunity to have a stroll while soaking up the atmosphere of bygone times.

Unlike several places in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates is a safe and endlessly fascinating destination for visitors. As it's an Islamic country, there are rules concerning public decency that need to be followed, but nothing that's oppressive or overly restricting. You can start checking for affordable flights to Dubai on leading airlines like Saudi Arabian Airlines (الخطوط السعودية) so you can start experiencing the man wonders Dubai can offer.