Top 10 Delicious Plant-Based Eateries in Madrid


Madrid is the capital of Spain and one of the world’s most popular cities. One of the main draws of the city is its food. From tapas and croquetas to paella and jamon, there’s no shortage of fine dishes worth trying in Madrid. Moreover, throughout the years, the Spanish capital has expanded its dining scene to feature other international cuisines and to cater to a variety of diets and preferences, including veganism.

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While it might have been difficult to find a vegan-friendly restaurant anywhere in Spain once upon a time, Madrid has kept up with the times and now has a surprisingly ample number of restaurants that offer up delicious plant-based eats. In this list, we’ve put together some of the absolute must-try vegan restaurants in the Spanish capital. Remember to store your bags and other items at a Madrid luggage storage locker in the city for a seamless and worry-free dining experience. 


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Located in the Malasaña neighborhood and considered one of the pioneers of vegan dining in Madrid, VEGA is a definite must-try for both vegan and non-vegan diners when in the city. The restaurant is renowned among the city’s vegan community and boasts a wide selection of plant-based dishes made using Spanish and international cooking techniques. Some of VEGA’s bestsellers include vegan croquetas, jackfruit tacos, and quinoa burgers. 

Chilling Café

Owning the title of the first ever fully-vegan café in Madrid, the Chilling Café remains to be a favorite among the plant-based locals and tourists. Found near the Principe Pio Mountain, this café opens at 9 AM daily (which is a rarity in the city where most establishments open at 1 PM), making it a popular breakfast and brunch spot. 

Celine Murillo

Bestsellers include their fluffy vegan pancakes with fruits, seitan tortillas, chick’n and fries, and bao with nugget filling. Chilling Café also serves some delectable desserts such as carrot cake, cheesecake, and tiramisu – all of which are 100% vegan.

Distrito Vegano

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This quaint vegan restaurant is located in the city’s art museum district in the Lavapies neighborhood, just a stone’s throw away from the Reina Sofia, and is one of the best places to have a casual vegan meal while enjoying the laid back vibe and locally-made art pieces on display at the café itself. The menu features plant-based meals such as veggie burgers, Chilean-style vegan hotdogs, vegan croquetas and specialty coffees.

B13 Bar

Tucked away near the city’s busiest street, the Gran Via, is B13 Bar, a tiny vegan bar and restaurant that’s beloved by locals and frequented by plant-based visitors. B13 serves an array of sweet and savory vegan dishes at affordable prices, including Spanish favorites such as tortillas and tapas to international dishes such as burgers, hotdogs, pizza and kebabs. They even accept requests for custom-made vegan cakes. 


Established in 2015, VivaBurger is one of Madrid’s popular plant-based eateries. It started out as a vegetarian restaurant but turned completely vegan in 2016. As its name suggests, the restaurant’s specialty is their veggie burger, which some say tastes even better than the real thing. 

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There are other options at VivaBurger, including falafel wraps, tacos, salads and juices. The menu changes regularly and is almost always focused on one type of cuisine that the chef chooses, ranging from Japanese and Italian to Mediterranean and Vietnamese. 

Bunny’s Deli

Bunny’s Deli has made a name for itself not just for its tasty plant-based meals but also for its eco-friendly philosophy, which is why it is one of the most beloved vegan dining spots in the city. The restaurant serves all-vegan, organic, and gluten-free foods that can be consumed at any time of the day. 

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Aside from their dine-in meals, they carry a raw product line and occasionally host vegan cooking classes. Bunny’s Deli is also a self-sustaining restaurant; they use renewable energy as their power source and serve their food in biodegradable containers.

Thunder Vegan

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For the best vegan fast food in Madrid, check out Thunder Vegan in Calle Don Felipe, which opened its doors in 2019. This casual dining spot has a few seats and is a good option for those on the go. Thunder Vegan’s signature dish is the Fried Chick’n burger, which is a meatless “chicken” sandwich. Other items available include their dirty fries, Beyond Meat burgers, and plant-based desserts.

Mad Mad Vegan

Mad Mad Vegan is a 100% vegan casual dining spot that specializes in fast food favorites that are elevated and made plant-based. The vegan joint uses absolutely no plastic in an effort to be more environment-friendly. At Mad Mad Vegan, you can order a range of dishes, including burgers, currywurst, tacos, nachos, onion rings, and fries. 

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However, what makes their dishes special is their signature “Mad Sauce”, which takes food up a notch compared to other vegan eateries in the city. While you’re there, don’t forget to pair your meal with their delicious house craft beers.


If you live a plant-based lifestyle and love Italian cuisine, then you will surely have a memorable dining experience at PIZZI & DIXIE, situated in the Malasaña district. Established in 2017 by the same people behind the now-defunct Botanique, this all-vegan restaurant serves up some of the most delicious Italian food in plant-based form. 

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Some of the must-try dishes here include the blue spinach tortellini, purple potato gnocchi, and the pizza Dixie with activated carbon. They also offer vegan desserts, so you can cap your wonderful dining experience with a sweet treat.

Los Andenes Vegan

Los Andenes is a 100% vegan restaurant in Madrid that opened in 2018 and has quickly become one of the top plant-based dining spots in the city. The restaurant specializes in authentic Peruvian cuisine in vegan form; the head chef hails from Peru and uses traditional Peruvian methods and flavor in his dishes. You can choose from their daily menu, which is comprised of two entrees and a dessert, or order a la carte from their extensive list of vegan dishes. 

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Some of the bestsellers at Los Andenes include fishless ceviche, aji de "gallina", carapulcra with vegan chicharrones, tamales, lomo saltado, mock meat stew, shrimp anticucho and more. They also have desserts such as vegan cakes and ice cream.