Online Video Games to Play During Travel Down-time


Traveling isn’t always all adrenaline highs as sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a wanderer purgatory able to do nothing. These are the moments when we’re waiting for a delayed flight or in the middle of a long bus or train rides. While I always prefer reading a book (mostly travel books) to get by these boring moments, I have discovered that playing simple, yet entertaining online video games provides an added entertainment value that help me deal with the so-called travel down-times.

When you finally board your plane but not after a Three-hour wait

If you’re looking for another thing to do other than reading a book to while away uneventful jiffies on the road, then I hope these online video games from a website I discovered that has a lot of quick-loading games called Plays Org can give you some temporary amusement.

Fruit Snake

Who isn’t a fan of the classic mobile game Snake? This one is very simple and easy to play. Unlike the classic Snake, you don’t chase small pixels. Instead, your aim is to gobble up as much fruits on the map as possible—all while avoiding longer hostile snakes snaking all over the map. The more fruits you eat, the longer your snake becomes. As I've said, the game is very simple but entertaining enough to be a little addicting. A few games of this and before you know it, the airport's public-address system is already calling your flight to start boarding. This video game works well when you find yourself waiting a long time at the airport.

Mr. Bean Matching Pairs

This memory flashcard game based on everybody's favorite TV character Mr. Bean is a very entertaining one. The rules are simple. You just need to select a pair of cards by clicking it to flip it over. Repeat the process until you flip two similar images (of the characters from the animated Mr. Bean series). The objective of the game is to match all the pairs of card the soonest time possible be relying on your power of visual memory.

You can choose from Easy, Medium, Hard to Very Hard categories depending on the sharpness of your photographic memory.

Gladiator Attack

This game reminds me of Super Mario Brothers but instead of controlling your character with a click of the jump and walk/run buttons, you need to PRESS and HOLD your character and align it with the circular angle that will appear to control where you want it to jump upon releasing your press.

It is difficult at first to get a hang of controlling the movements of your character but once you get used to it, it becomes effortless and think of it as a medieval gladiator version of Super Mario as you fight of enemy skeletons and pass through challenging courses.

Maze Control

This game is not only a good physics exercise but also an ideal finger and eye coordination exercise. The goal of the game is to roll the ball through the course (a box with a maze of walls and traps) and into the goal. Just click the LEFT and RIGHT arrow to tilt the box to any degrees you think is necessary to direct your ball to its destination.

The more you advance the more complex ball control you need to do. This includes using the bounce mechanics found on the more difficult mazes.

Cannons and Soldiers

This fun 'point and pull forward' game of firing cannonballs to your enemy can test your game of angles as well. Think "Angry Birds" but with cannons and 16th century British soldiers at the helm and as the targets. You can either hit the enemy soldiers directly or target other things such as the platform where they are standing to topple the over or other items that can fall to them. Beware though, in some stages, you need to avoid a hostage so don’t fire with reckless abandon.

When you complete the 28-stage I bet your long train trip is over a well. How's that for a downtime activity on the road.

Solitaire Bliss is a game that kids and adults enjoy. It’s the free challenge version of the classic card game, solitaire. Enjoy games such as Klondike (Solitaire one card and three cards), Spider Solitaire, and Freecell. 36 games are available, all in solvable-only game mode. If your family loves a good friendly competition, this one is the perfect game!