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Artworks have been a popular means of narrative since time immemorial, as exemplified by the art of Ancient Egypt. One such excellent illustration of storytelling through art can be found inside Pampanga's Saint James the Apostle Parish Church.

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The church’s ceiling artwork is a moving tribute to human devotion and while it cannot be compared with the otherworldly magnificence of that of the Sistine Chapel (so please, don’t call it as the “Sistine Chapel of the Philippine), it still shine with its own unique appeal and significance. As churchgoers raise their eyes to the church’s roof, they’ll be easily arrested by the images depicting faith, culture, and fortitude that have been braided and drawn into its very stone. In this quiet spiritual refuge of Betis Church, the past speaks with eloquence, summoning the faithful to listen to the gospel of God in the presence of artsy heavenly figures above.

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Popularly referred to as Betis Church, named after the area in Guagua where it is located, the Saint James the Apostle Parish Church was founded in 1607, while its original baroque-style structure was completed in the early 1660s by the Augustinians. The church burned down multiple times and was gradually renovated until it was finally reconstructed in its entirety in 1770. The present-day concrete barrier was installed in the early 20th century, although further additions, such as an artesian well on the northern side, date back to previous centuries.

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The church was designated a National Cultural Treasure in 2001 and houses an original ceiling mural painted in the late 1800s by Simón Flores (1839-1904). Macario Ligon, a local painter, was commissioned by Fr. Santiago Blanco to expand the ceiling painting and other interior artwork in 1939.

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Please don't call it "Sistine Chapel of the Philippines" Let Betis Church known by its name

In the 1970s, Victor Ramos (1922-1986), Ligon's nephew and apprentice, re-brushed 80% of the ceiling mural paintings. Aside from the paintings, the cathedral also has sculptures and art works exhibiting the town's woodcarving industry.

Other Highlights of Betis Church

In addition to its attention-grabbing ceiling murals, Betis Church boasts plenty of visually stunning features. These include a classic retablo and pulpit, as well as religious frescoes, intricate sculptures, and paintings that represent the Renaissance Age of European Art.

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Heavenly mural

Do not be deceived by its modest facade, which may resemble a fortress rather than a grand church like the Manila Cathedral. However, as soon as you step inside, you can immediately feel the enchanting and distinctive vibe of Betis Church.

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Beside the church one can also visit the Betis Museum

Betis is not even a municipality, but rather a district in Guagua, Pampanga made up of seven barangays. Within this tiny community is what is believed to have produced the most priests in the Philippines at one time in the country's history of Catholicism. Just in the year 1959, 60 priests from Betis went on to serve the Diocese of Manila and other religious orders.

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The significant number of residents in Betis who aspire to become priests and nuns may be attributed to the church and its captivating artworks, which have no doubt inspired churchgoers from a young age to develop a deep connection with the church and ultimately become servants of God.

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While I was never driven to become more religious — as I remain a non-practicing Catholic, the feeling I felt  walking out of Betis Church was of admiration to the town folks and past parish Priests and nuns who made the Church as it is today. Whenever you encounter a place of worship that enhances the spiritual well-being of the local community, it deserves to be seen with high regard. Who knows if I was born in this part of Guagua and came to attend mass at Betis Church as a kid. Perhaps, I might develop a stronger and more passionate commitment to practicing my religion.