Mambukal Waterfalls | Negros Occidental

After a night of booze filled merry making in the streets of Bacolod, we took a side trip the next day to Mambukal Mountain resort located at Minoyan, Murcia near the foot of scenic Mount Kanlaon. We left early at about 9 AM, went straight to Libertad market and had a quick breakfast at "mabuhay kape", a simple coffee shop that serves perfect native coffee at only 10 pesos per cup.

Joni Lopez

We took a bus at the terminal located at Libertad street near the market for the one hour trip to Mambukal. An hour later we reached our destination. There's a 30 pesos entrance fee and the place has now become a resort with air conditioned rooms, a swimming pool and other amenities that would delight visitors fond of easy traveling.    

7 Waterfalls of Mambukal

Kareen says she prefers the old Mambukal though, where its more nature friendly with minimal infrastructures and the place was then more than ideal spot for overnight camping on a tent. I agree with her because sometimes the problem with our tourism practices is we tend to think about "development" in terms of building cement structures thus neglecting the effects it would create to the environment. It somehow produces a deteriorating effect to the natural surroundings.

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There are now cemented steps leading to the waterfalls, gone are the nature trails that was more idealic. It was a good thing though that the administrator of the place have taken some steps to safeguarding the trees and making sure though that amidst the development, Mambukal would still be covered with greens.

Gretchen Filart, Astrid Alvarez and Christian Sangoyo

After an hour of hiking we reached the falls, our German friends Max and Obi took turns jumping from a rock and into the water. Something I will never attempt to do.

Going down we saw a lot of bats flying over as the trees at Mambukal serves as their nesting place during the day. The first three waterfalls is off limits for swimming, Max tried to jump on one of the three but was told not to by one of the caretakers because the water isn't that deep and divers could hurt themselves upon landing on the water.

A nice group picture ( Max, Obi, Kareen, me and Michelle)

Levy Amosin, Marianne Tagaca, Desa Tayting, Celine Murillo and Mujee Gonzales

We had a late lunch after on the foot of Mambukal and feasted on bangus sisig, kilawin and tuna sinigang. Then rode the top of the bus on the way back to Bacolod.

Kakay Oloroso

Over-all the short journey to Mambukal was a nice side trip to my Masskara experience in Bacolod. We again passed by sugar cane plantation, scenic farms, small towns and had a great view of Mount Kanlaon while being greeted by warm smiles of the people along the way.