Nomadic Video 3: Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum | Cambodia

It's hard to write something about this place. It's hard enough being there with all your human emotions all over the place. More difficult to walk around and stare at the nameless portraits of those who died there. The air inside was that of modern day peace time, but the presence of the walls that surrounds you, tells of an unspoken grim and brutal past.

Ria Jose

A Canadian tourist was choking up her tears while looking at the photographs of those imprisoned, tortured and murdered at the Tuol Sleng prison, which ironically was a former high school used by the Khmer Rouge communist regime as "Security Prison 21" - a place which has since became one of the "infamous" places in the history of mankind. A Cambodian tourist guide - who probably recited the history of the place to visitors countless times already, still makes it a point to pause and gather her emotion and hold back her tears.

I made this music video in order to share it to others and let it be known that these people numbering about 20,000 who were imprisoned here during the height of the Khmer Rouge's regime from 1975-1979, did not died in vain. A brutal reminder, yes - but something that is necessary for mankind to know, so that it should not be repeated ever again.

I selected U2's "Mothers of the Disappeared" as the soundtrack because the song sings about people who disappeared and was killed in the name of man's brazen obsession with power while driven by mis-guided morals and politics.