Why You Should Date a Traveler: Pinay Travel Bloggers to Die For

If you're feeling like Joaquin Phoenix because you are obsessed in finding your own version of Nicole Kidman, then you must be doing something wrong. Because you are looking at the wrong ones, the ideal woman do not stand long-legged nor has blonde hair and appear as a magazine cover girl - all the superficial package, but lacking the most important traits of all - The kick-ass level 9 and rising attributes. You know the girl in the "Twilight" movies who sits by the window and awaits for her man? nah-you won't read about that type in this post. Here is an impressive list of Filipina travelers who would make the Amelia Earhart's, Freya Stark's, Susan Calo Medina's and Kira Salak's of the world proud.

Adventurous, Daring, Beautiful, Hip, Bold, Cowgirl, Spontaneous, Trail-blazing, Intelligent, Generous, Loving. These are just some of the traits these women possess and its no coincidence that they all love traveling. It won't take someone like Stephen Hawking to realize that in traveling, a person really develops traits that makes them unique. The kind of lifestyle these Filipina travel bloggers have is their own way of saying a huge "F U" to the status quo that men is always the more adventurous gender. These are the women any man should take out to a lunch, but hey, do not expect that an expensive lunch in a fancy restaurant will easily get their attention. If you do, then you are clearly mistaken.

1. Gay Mitra-Emami (http://www.pinaytraveljunkie.com/)

Gaye is a throwback to the Janis Joplin and the beatnik days, where people revel in the most beautiful of ways that isn't superficial but based on human relationships - formed on the road and experiences of traveling around. In a stylistic hippie way, she has found love on the road when she met a kindred soul in the Middle East. Went home to a rock-style yet simple wedding at Paco Park, had a cute baby-doll (made in Beijing) and is now on her last leg of a round-the-world trip (last whereabouts: Brazil). She digs cheap markets and simple hang-outs like the neighborhood karaoke bar, street foods and no holds barred conversations. A romantic in a hippiest way, in a world she feels like its simpler to live if only one would learn to fit all priced belongings on one backpack and a baby backpack. A can't let go woman-though it wont be the case for every guys on this planet as the hippie mum is now happily married. 

Fun facts: 
- was banned at Mama V's in Taft for excessive mic-hogging and belting out Aegis songs
- previously dated a member of the Pinoy rock band "Parokya ni Edgar"
-  first out of the country trip was in Netherlands

2. Graciel Cecilio 

From Japan to Hawaii to Bolivia to Peru to deep into Europe and the Continental USA and back to the Philippines, this girl has traveled solo and along each stop, an overflowing of information cracked open her cranium (figuratively) and poured new-found knowledge, making her an epitome of both beauty and brains. All the while making her "single" status such a mystery to me. I'm sure every member of the male specie would love to take her out to lunch and just immerse themselves with what could have been an awesome talk. Its no surprise as she was included in the "LA's top 100 non-Celebrity Bloggers You Should Take to Lunch". So if you got the mind of a Jose Rizal and the seal for adventure of an Ewan McGregor then you got yourself a shot at landing a romantic date on a secluded beach with this classy lady.

Fun facts:
- experienced the art of backpacking and a whirlwind kind of love at the same time
- finds Carabao racing as rad!
- visited the famed ruins of Machu Picchu after being influenced by the Nickelodean cartoon show "The Wild Thornberrys"

3. Lauren Gaile Denoga 

You don't have to be an Andrew E. look-alike who drives a pimp up car to ask her out for a date. What she wants is a man with a sense of spontaneity that matches hers. She once went out on a date that was supposed to be consisting of a boring movie and the usual wine and dine, but her sense of adventure got the best of her and she spent the rest of the night dragging her lucky date on a bus to Banaue and top loading along the scenic highlands. She is young in age, wild at heart and old in spirit. Sentimentally single with a hint of emoness during mid-nightime, a budding painter and already a seasoned traveler. Spell S-O-L-O in Zambaonga, Basilan and Tawi-Tawi, yes she did that route just last month. If you're not scampering and settling on the ordinary and unexciting girl who hangs out at the priciest club, then you might get a shot at her. That is, if you're willing to ride topload, keep up with her mentally, and ready to even consider New Zealand Holidays, all the while listening to an endless quips of "cutie patoootey" as only Lauren can deliver in such lovable manner.

Fun facts:
- first took up dentistry in college (as if there's fun in that)
- was a cosplay artist and favorite of popular photographers during her teen fashion years.
- once thought there is a beach in Sagada (during her newbie days as a traveler)

4. Sole Sisters Lois Yasay and Chichi Bacolod (http://www.wearesolesisters.com/)

You heard the story of two classy corporate women who quit their jobs and backpacked across Asia for 6 months? chances are you already did. Their story has gone viral over the internet and talks they delivered on various venues in front of a wowed audience. Doing so they've become travel influences and advocates as well and has rapidly influenced many women to start their own journey. Such an inspiring accomplishment these two beautiful women has done. After they went home they became unemployed for a short time until they both got separate jobs that also includes *drumroll* traveling. Not only they showed the possibility of escaping the corporate world and living a real meaningful life on the road, they also proved that you can have the best of both worlds with more than enough grit, courage and determination. Three traits that makes sexy even sexier. These sole sisters are really to die for. One of them is still single while the other one is already taken. Good luck guessing which is which, but one thing for sure. You can't go wrong with the Sole Sisters. 

Fun facts:
- Shot their "Americano" dance across Asia. Watch the making of here.
- 2011 Philippine Blog Awards winner of "Best Travel Blog"

When one mentions the topic of solo traveling, Gael always comes to mind. I've had conversations with strangers about traveling and each time they would mention her and where she's been. That is the scope of her reach and influence when it comes to solo female traveling. A sense of adventure to go along with her charming self and beautiful appearance puts this lady on top of every man's list for a romantic date. Her writings brings a mixture of melancholy, romance and profound contemplation of being on the road, which renders her readers a spell to do nothing but head out and pursue the wide wide world around us. A romantic heart and an adventurous spirit puts Gael in a league of her own.

6. Lisa Marie Mirasol (http://www.pinaytravelista.com/)

"We may pen beautiful words, have nice pictures, and seen and been to beautiful places --- but it would really mean more, to the stars and back, if one of these days we will have each other to share it with" wrote Lisa Marie in her "Traveler's Unread Love Letter". Such a head-on statement as if echoing Chris McCandless belief that "Happiness is only real when shared". In a testament to Lisa Marie's heart of gold, while she searches for her Prince Charming on the road, her generosity was on display especially at the aftermath of typhoon Sendong that wallops almost the entire Mindanao region. Playing a crucial role in the relief efforts has given me a glimpse of her wonderful side. A kind of girl whose experiences of traveling around Mindanao and the Philippines has entombed a deeper love for her countrymen. A winning combination of beauty and a heart of Gold indeed.

7. Monette Fernandez (http://www.fliptravels.com/)

Like the words and paragraphs she writes, Monette is hard to figure yet easy to get along with. A literature major who can pick up a smart conversation on the fly with everyone. Invite her out for a drink, let's say "two bottles" of beer and lets see how'd you'd stand straight at the end of the night. You cannot outdrink her same thing as you won't outwit her. You can make her fall in love with you, though after a million tries. But what does they say that the most challenging are the most worthwhile. A beaming sun-ray that showers you with an infectious presence. Serious for five minutes, belting karaoke songs like there's no tomorrow the next. Bad news though, someone has already succeeded in capturing her heart (Its not Ron though - he's just her BFF). 

Fun fact:
- "two bottles" of beer? don't count on it because she stops counting at two.

8. Mica Rodriguez (http://www.senyorita.net/)

Mica has a great talent capturing scenes and other poetic imagery as evidenced by her series of short films found on her blog. She loves living for the moment as shown by her recent trip to Thailand and Cambodia, out on a whim she decided to hop into a Chiang-Mai bound train from Bangkok and there she experienced a new delight and utmost freedom. Like the affairs of the heart, she searches for a man who exhibits such madness (in a good way) and zest for living outside of the norms. A special girl deserves somebody equally special,. Mica is the type who won't dwell and wait for her man unlike the girl from "Twilight" as she will continue exploring the world around her filming the ups and downs, recording the romance and chaos of the world, the black and white and other layers of multiple colors, until she finally meets the kind of man who would capture her own heart, not with a film camera, but with pure intentions and undying love.

Mich discovered the highs of traveling while mending a broken heart. It was an unexpected road to redemption and self discovery. Nothing beats than getting another shot at love, and the things Mich learned in love, is that nothing is set in stone and all the grandeur things are easily masked with deceit. Hence she wrote a personal set of rules on how to date a traveler such as herself. She starts off her list with "Don't ask her to be feminine and be on the sexiest clothes" - this shows the ability of Mich to get out of the prevailing notion that women have to wear the skimpiest clothes just to attract attention, Oh no, not this girl though. If you're willing to follow her rules, then you might get the chance to chase her while you pick up the broken pieces of her heart all over the Philippines, capping it off by sealing both your love at the peak of Mount Pulag.

Yes, Claire has already found her "the one". She met her hubby Charles while traveling which gives us hopeless romantics a reason to believe in the possibility that the one meant for us are not within the same postal code. The world is huge and the possibility of finding your perfect match at the opposite side of the world is ever higher than before. Why would we ditch the idea of finding it just for the silly reason of distance and "we can't go". There are many ways to go and nothing should stop us from pursuing our heart's desire. Who knows at some random road someone will tap you on your shoulder and will ask for a direction to a foreign sounding street name. From there your journey will eventually start, seeing the world hand in hand, never to be alone again in a lonely hostel room or trying out a local dish on your own. Rather, making your happiness real, creating great memories and by sharing it with a special someone. 


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